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a clerk who is employed to maintain the files of an organization

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It's ego pleasing to think of a factory preparing a "special" just for me, with everyone from the company president to the file clerk fretting over the test gun, and anxiously awaiting for the article to appear.
Julie Edgar, manager of law and administration at Boise Inc., mentions another benefit: "It is much easier for a complete file to be electronic so that it can be accessed from anywhere--from the office, on the road remotely, connecting via your Blackberry." She says she no longer needs to have a file clerk spend hours trying to find a document that has been misplaced or misfiled.
While classifying a roofer as a file clerk clearly represents some sort of fraud on the part of the insured, the same cannot be said of the independent contractor status many companies ascribe to workers who for all intents and purposes look, walk and talk not like a duck, but an employee.
After starting off as a file clerk with the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies in 1985, Hastings quickly rose through the ranks.
The team eventually expanded to six reporters, an editorial librarian, a forensic accountant, and a file clerk. After The Blade successfully sued the state for access to coin-fund records, the team was moved to Columbus to report on the 500,000 records that were eventually released by the state.
Patti Rutzinski, who was interested in only a "summer job," started in the insurance industry with SECURA as a file clerk in 1987.
That way no one can complain that "it isn't in my job description." And, when you hire new people, be certain that point is very clear: No one will be asked to perform a job that is out of her or his capability (such as a file clerk giving injections to babies), but there needs to be a willingness to pitch in when another employee is absent or when there is a work overflow in some area.
realistic," Aunt Carrie who worked as a file clerk and spent an
My medical records are electronic, so there's no file clerk, and I have a cash-only ("insurance-free") practice, so there's no billing person.
Show them who's boss and who is the lowly file clerk in the leather G-string.
OK, you can ask the file clerk (the person who used to lose your films) to digitize the entire set of studies to the PACS network for an official, written-in-stone, for-the-world-to-see interpretation.
Next seen, Melanie, a poised twentysomething woman (Francois), arrives for an internship as a file clerk in a prestigious Paris law firm headed by famed attorney Jean Fouchecourt (Pascal Greggory).
In the case of the DeKalb County Juvenile Court, RFID has allowed the clerk of court to stop giving one specific record room file clerk responsibility for a particular judge's files and to redeploy those staffers to complete more value-added job responsibilities.
THIS is quasi-biography of Harvey Pekar, a hospital file clerk turned comic book writer whose inexorably pessimistic outlook on life viewers may have difficulty relating to.
IN 1976,Virginia file clerk Harvey Pekar met legendary comic artist Robert Crumb, who agreed to immortalise the hapless everyman in a comic book series.