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office furniture consisting of a container for keeping papers in order

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Although it's tempting to buy the best cabinet for your home design and believe in happily ever after, "if you are going to invest in a file cabinet, you always have to think about the upkeep of a file cabinet," says Rachel Rosenthal, owner of organizing firm Rachel and Co.
In these incidents, file cabinets, desk drawers, and boxes were found to contain documents such as personnel files, visitor logs, fitness reports, and medical records.
The file cabinet creates an exclusive email address for each project to improve communication among all stakeholders.
Using Microsoft Paint, she drew a schematic of the solution - a space-saving file cabinet - and entered it in the company's annual invention contest.
The rollout process began with scanning charts and creating electronic file cabinets for non-patient data.
Using a key locking file cabinet that has a key code number next to the keyhole on the cabinet.
You'll need a large wastebasket and a box of manila folders, and you'll need to free up space in a real file cabinet nearby.
If you have to do it yourself, make a file, create a deadline, and put it in the file cabinet.
File the folders, in order of deadlines in your file cabinet.
Let's look at one lateral file cabinet, about three feet long and 18 inches deep--pretty innocuous.
* Immediate purchases are affordable, monthly purchases, which improve any aspect of the studio (a new file cabinet, a music theory game, one piece of software, new music books).
Already in use by nearly 5,300 organizations, Documentum ApplicationXtender enables customers to quickly deploy an "electronic file cabinet" for fixed content images, documents, reports and other business- related content.
I had one stuck to my file cabinet and everyone in the office wanted to steal the little fella.
They were not only in the file cabinet at the underwriter's desk, but also on different people's desks as they were being worked.
While the didactic tenor of this central file cabinet is in keeping with Valcarcel Medina's recent work--which, like his monumental new book 2000 d.