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European weed naturalized in southwestern United States and Mexico having reddish decumbent stems with small fernlike leaves and small deep reddish-lavender flowers followed by slender fruits that stick straight up

slender threadlike roundworms living in the blood and tissues of vertebrates

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Capitulos solitarios apicales, dispuestos en el centro de cada roseta, homogamos, discoides, de 11-12 mm de alto x 10-11 mm de diam., pedunculos de 3-4 mm, ensanchados en su extremo distal, glabros; bracteolas del caliculo 9, de 8-10 x 1-1.2 mm, similares entre si, lineales, glabras; involucro acampanado, filarias 21-23, de 11-12 x 1-1.8 mm, subiguales, oblongas, levemente fusionadas entre si en la base, margenes escariosos y por lo comun erosos, apices agudos, penicilados, superficie dorsal puberula, glabras ventralmente.
Firstly, local LF transmission has not been reported over the past 30 years [14, 20-22, 24] and is likely to be indirectly due to the strong and strict vector control polices set in place to maintain the free malaria status of the county as well as to limit the transmission of the arboviruses, leading to a really low or no occurrence of local filaria transmission in Singapore.
As filarias apresentam especial importancia por utilizarem os simulideos como hospedeiros intermediarios, sendo suas larvas transmitidas a hospedeiros definitivos vertebrados no momento em que a femea realiza seu repasto sanguineo (CAMPOS e ANDRADE, 1999).
bancrofti infection in individuals residing in filaria endemic regions.
It also aims to eliminate parasitic disease Filaria by 2015 and leprosy at the district level by 2017.
Dentro de los endoparasitos mas descritos se encuentran los nematodos, que han sido reportados en Peru, Brasil, Guatemala, Panama, EUA y Venezuela, pertenecientes a los generos Capillaria spp, Filaria spp, Hastospiculum spp, Kalicephalus spp, Strongylus spp y Ophidascaris spp [2, 5, 9, 12, 16, 25].
Natural infection of sheep and goats with Dictyocaulus filaria and Protostrongylus rufescens (Nematoda) in Quetta Pakistan.
These vectors transmit common mosquito-borne diseases including dengue fever (Fakeeh and Zaki, 2003; Ayyub et al., 2006; Khan et al., 2008), filaria (Hawking 1973), malaria (Warrel, 1993; Abdoon and Alsharani, 2003), and Rift Valley Fever (Jupp et al., 2002; Al-Hazmi et al., 2003; Balkhy and Memish, 2003; Madani, 2005).
Tawaraya, "Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi increased early growth of two nontimber forest product species Dyera polyphylla and Aquilaria filaria under greenhouse conditions," Mycorrhiza, vol.
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