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thin in diameter

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It won't control filamentous algae, and adding and then removing it can be labor-intensive.
High oscillations in the mean biovolume can be attributed to different contributions of filamentous bacteria and to the presence of different bacteria morphotypes.
These concentrations fall in the range of the minimum inhibitory concentrations of some filamentous fungi on certain heavy metals [8].
A presumptive diagnosis can be made if branching, partially acid-fast filamentous rods are identified in biopsy specimens.
Thus, obtaining filamentous fungi from contaminated environments and evaluating their tolerances to PAHs can provide information that can be usefully applied in environmental biotechnology.
In addition, the closely related wheat fungal pathogen, Mycosphaerella graminicola, has been reported to be dimorphic with only the filamentous form able to infect plant hosts.
Filamentous fungi were identified by gross morphology of the colony on the SDA medium and microscopic appearance of the teased-out growth in Lactophenol cotton blue mount and by slide culture method.
Actinomycosis is caused by the Gram positive filamentous Actinomyces bacterial species that are normal commensals of the oral cavity.
Besides, the microscopic observation of floc characteristics and the identification and quantification of filamentous bacteria allow us to highlight disturbances within their community and to foresee the occurrence of specific dysfunctions, for example, sludge foaming, bulking, and solids washout [4,12-15].
This study has investigated and quantified the presence of yeast and filamentous fungi in the water of two dental clinics, the Surgery and the Periodontics clinics, of the Dentistry College of the University of Franca.
Gomori methenamine silver (GMS) and periodic acid schiff stain (PAS) stains were performed and highlighted thin filamentous organisms.
The most commonly isolated species is Candida spp and in recent times there has been an increase in filamentous fungi such as Aspergillus spp, Mucor spp, and Fusarium spp.
Actinomycotic osteomyelitis and periostitis of mandible or maxilla also known as lumpy jaw or big head is a sporadic disease caused by Gram positive branching filamentous microorganism, Actinomyces bovis (Militerno, 2008) and most commonly affect bovine, occasionally in equine, porcine and rarely in caprine (Seifi et al., 2003).
marmorata in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, we observed abundant growth of filamentous green algae on many turtles.