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Synonyms for filagree

delicate and intricate ornamentation (usually in gold or silver or other fine twisted wire)

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Her hair brooch and filagree necklace were customary marital gifts, and the marten fur was thought to possess talismanic properties for fertility.
Guild regulations restricted the work women could legally do, and yet, the images show women working side by side with men, performing the skilled work of gold and silver filagree (91, Pl 2.7), among other forbidden trades.
strained to outdo each other," draw from the material of language and thought "a filagree work of rhetoric" (13.254).
Each table clock is made of polyresin, with a case finished in aged gold and silver, matching bezel, ivory dial, black Arabic numerals, filagree hands and glass lens.
Underneath it all, an embroidered flower of mauve and yellow is barely visible; white on navy cotton mimics a pattern of silver filagree, and another red satin ribbon, joining together brooch and necklace, is tied just above her heart.