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Synonyms for figurine

a small carved or molded figure


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The figurine has no practical purpose but was made for the purpose of someone's belief,' Gavranovic is convinced.
The Doob figurines are available in different sizes including the 4-inch Buddy, 6-inch Bestie, 8-inch Doobie, 10-inch Boss, and 14-inch Diva.
However, making the figurine was no easy task for Cyle as he had to work with a lot of tools to perfect it.
As well as the popular nude figurines, many other figurines were produced in the Art Deco style, nearly all of which were female pieces.
They owned the figurine until 1970 when it was given as a gift to Ken and Margaret Brunt, who were The Beatles' haulage contractors in the 1960s.
Sandtray therapy uses miniature figurines to symbolize aspects of the psyche, creating a 3-dimensional scene that expresses psychological, intrapsychic content.
In addition to the human figurine, another more symbolically interpretable artefact from the same site was a tooth pendant (PaMu 332: 1).
An official announcement during the week expressed the department's "sincere appreciation" to Christakis Hadjiprodromou "for his kind donation of a prehistoric clay figurine".
There will be 25 Stikeez football figurines, wrapped so they can't be identified before purchase, representing each participating country.
This book interrogates extant cinematic re-presentation of African and Nigerian postcolonial realities in Nollywood and makes a case, using Kunle Afolayan's The Figurine, for a critical space-clearing gesture around the notion of a neo-Nollywood, which transcends the formulaic cinematic re-presentation of African and Nigerian realities to embrace a visionary and philosophic re-articulation of the role of filmmaking, and of Nollywood, in the Nigerian imagination.
The 1957 figurine was one of many objects designed to provide pleasure, or a representation of such pleasure, to the entombed.
A new pop-up shop in the hip Marais district of Paris is giving people the opportunity to immortalise themselves with a tiny printed 3D figurine for the not so tiny price of 230 euros ($286).
Later, you'll be able to buy characters from the Spider-Man comics and Guardians Of The Galaxy, but perhaps the biggest change is the addition of branching skill trees allowing you to customise your figure's powers and have that build saved to the figurine. Take your and you could both have very different versions of the character to play with.
For the sixth edition of Lladro's Guest series, in which the Spanish porcelain maker invites an artist or designer to create new personalities for Its Jaime Hayon-conceived collection of figurine characters, British fashion legend Paul Smith has outfitted two models.
Mr White said his stall caters for the mainstream collectible market where the price for the average Star Wars figurine is PS100.