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Synonyms for figurehead

Synonyms for figurehead

a person used as a cover for some questionable activity

figure on the bow of some sailing vessels

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Hugh MacDonald, of NatWest, said: "We are delighted to be supporting Figurehead Homes with its development.
The tower-like Figurehead is made from sections of sewer pipe like those under the city of Chicago.
Back in Damascus, after his father's death, he was not much more than a figurehead president.
After a brief tour of some of the flower beds the spiritual figurehead, who had grasped Charles' right hand, stopped in front of the waiting media and said about the Prince: "I always consider him from my first meeting, a very close, best of friends.
If you need a figurehead, why not get an actor and tell him to be a manager?
The figurehead has no need for eyelids, must on-guard, vigil, dry-eyed.
PHIL VICKERY is the Martin Johnson-like figurehead capable of leading his country to more glory.
The 12-year-old girl is spending the summer holidays working at her father's restaurant, a local landmark known for its seashells on the walls and the figurehead of a ship, the Storm Goddess, that sank more than 200 years previously in a terrible storm.
If you agree that we need more manned space missions, you'll probably also agree that we need a figurehead, someone who can get people looking skyward again.
This irony is not lost on Iranian President/ figurehead Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, lately come to the public rostrum to plead for peace, love, and brotherhood, ya'll.
But Parks, an active member of the NAACP, decided to do the unimaginable, and later that evening agreed to become both the plaintiff in an anti-segregation case that would unleash a wave of death threats against her and the figurehead of a year-long boycott that would end bus segregation in Montgomery and throughout the South.
The founder and figurehead of Greater Sudbury's biggest residential developer, Dalron boss Ron Arnold, gives some insight into his success on Page 6, and chain restaurant baron Mark Torchia illustrates how to make a "fast" buck on page 7.
The circular part of the timber could have been carved in the shape of a rose and its location on the seabed also indicates it might be the ship's decorative figurehead.
I really wasn't ready to retire," she says, "But I love the job just too much to stay here as a figurehead.