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Synonyms for figurehead

Synonyms for figurehead

a person used as a cover for some questionable activity

figure on the bow of some sailing vessels

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In 1943, the figurehead was found abandoned in Preston docks by Sir George Grenfell-Baines and saved from destruction.
Female figureheads are needed to promote overseas trade, believes Christine Hamilton, below
Hugh MacDonald, of NatWest, said: "We are delighted to be supporting Figurehead Homes with its development.
Chris Baybutt, managing director of Figurehead Homes said: "The evolution of the residential area in Cardiff Bay, known as Cardiff Pointe is an exciting ten-year project that first began in 2013.
diameter Figurehead, consisting of a manhole and two risers, all with various blockouts or penetrations; and, the 11-ton Biscuit structure, described by its fabricator as "a variation of a minimum depth cover."
"Bashar al-Assad is a figurehead, not a dictator on the pattern of Saddam Hussein, or even his [Assad's] father.
Terming her as a strong and passionate lady, the former England captain said that he regretted the loss of Thatcher for the country and believes she was an amazing figurehead for many years, The Sun reports.
After a brief tour of some of the flower beds the spiritual figurehead, who had grasped Charles' right hand, stopped in front of the waiting media and said about the Prince: "I always consider him from my first meeting, a very close, best of friends."
I'll continue Speed legacy but I'm not a figurehead says Coleman NEW Wales manager Chris Coleman has vowed to continue the legacy left by his close friend Gary Speed but has warned players and staff: "I am the boss".
Aung San Suu Kyi has been at pains to assert that she is just a figurehead, just one of thousands.
The MLS, though, will fight tooth and nail to keep their figurehead at Galaxy.
Am the dismembered figurehead, ballast, breasts covered in blue scales.
PHIL VICKERY is the Martin Johnson-like figurehead capable of leading his country to more glory.
If you agree that we need more manned space missions, you'll probably also agree that we need a figurehead, someone who can get people looking skyward again.
This irony is not lost on Iranian President/ figurehead Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, lately come to the public rostrum to plead for peace, love, and brotherhood, ya'll.