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representing figuratively as by emblem or allegory

decorating with a design

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This seems quite a good description not only of postwar poems but of poems more broadly--their diegetic scrims, their deictic overlays, their echoes and reverb, their figurations that at once bid for translucency and offer opacity, their strange submergence in and emergence from a long history of poets and poems.
As against common language use, with its wealth of cliches and idioms, and the so-called "literary language" characterized by a heightened figuration and denser rhetoric, Beckett's texts decreate literary works that redefine the act of reading; they constitute events by virtue of linguistic surfaces that work as blanks, writings without style, (2) forever striving towards pure denotation, the perfected present of writing.
In the first movement of the Janacek Sonata we might, however take issue with what is in places too grand and "romanticising" a use of pedal, which sometimes deprives the conclusions of some melodic-chord figurations of their typically "Janacekian" terseness and impact.
Elias significantly contributed to the emergence of a relational approach by explaining and showing that: (1) actions are interdependent; (2) human sciences have to move beyond the "egocentric" perspective in favour of a "figurational" (or a relational) perspective; (3) as Goudsblom explains in Sociology in the Balance (1977) the evolution of the social world is the effect of "long-term developments taking place in human social figurations [which] have been and continue to be largely unplanned and unforeseen" (p.
Quant aux nierika contemporains destines au marche de l'art, ils tendent a delaisser les formes simples exprimant de facon economique des schemes de connexion, de replique ou de reseau, au profit de figurations dynamiques du cosmos, de veritables cosmogrammes qui depeignent de facon litterale l'entrelacs des correspondances symboliques se deployant a partir d'un point central.
Yet, however untenable its notion of "old absolutist figurations of monarchy" (55), Representing Elizabeth yields more than enough good fruit to make one ignore the straw man.
Figures & Figurations also includes an essay by Paz on the genesis of his wife's creations made of "the treasures and detritus that the wave of time abandons every day.
Unfortunately, the music, despite its energy and attractive wavelike figurations, eventually seems to fall into monotonous repetition, a pattern which Martins's choreography seemed almost duly-bound to follow.
The belt filters are available in open, partially enclosed or totally enclosed con figurations.
10 The first marks known to have been made by a human being (on a piece of ochre 77 000 years ago in Southern Africa) echo cracks in mud or figurations in rock.
Por otra parte, Le Mercure de France, del grupo editorial Gallimard, que publico toda la obra de Octavio Paz en frances, habia hecho un esfuerzo muy especial para editar en un tiempo record el hermoso libro, Figures et Figurations, en el que se reproducen las cajas-collages de Marie Jose y los poemas de Paz.
The significant terms and concepts such as interdependencies, figurations, sociogenesis, psychogenesis, involvement and detachment, are introduced and described early in the book thus allowing the reader to follow the discussion easily.
Some Christian feminist theologians, finding orthodox figurations of Jesus' significance irredeemably harmful to women, determine that Christianity itself is irredeemable for women; others seek to reinterpret this figure in order to uncover his "real message" hidden underneath the accretions of patriarchal misunderstanding and misuse.
German figurational art burst upon the art world in the 1980s as bad aesthetic news, but its messy images were no worse at the time than what had suddenly begun to appear in SoHo or, for that matter, at the Guggenheim itself, which was the first to bring to New York the awful figurations of a new generation of Italian painters.
Their topics include seduced by method: history and Jeremiah 20, bare-naked: a gender analysis of the naked body in Jeremiah 13, figuration in Jeremiah's confessions with questions for Isaiah's servant, first-person figurations of servant and suffering in Isaiah and Jeremiah, prophetic sign acts as performances, and a synoptic reading of Jeremiah the lamenter.