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As to fighting, keep out of it if you can, by all means.
It was the first time in the whole course of the war that he had seen anything resembling fighting as he had studied it in the illustratedpapers of his youth.
Some of these fighting airships came within five hundred feet of the ground.
Only one little knot of four Germans and perhaps a dozen Asiatics remained fighting about the Hohenzollern and the Prince as he circled in a last attempt to save Niagara.
The Orange Odwar, forced upon the defensive, was fighting madly for his life.
For a minute the fighting was fast and furious and by comparison reducing to insignificance all that had gone before.
Tara wished that she might answer at least the last of these questions for she was sure that Turan the panthan, as she knew him, while fighting brilliantly, was not giving of himself all that he might.
It's in fighting with someone we ultimately love and respect that we learn to take certain emotional risks with others: confronting someone else's negative behavior instead of "swallowing" it and then gossiping about it; having the fortitude to admit when you're wrong; being truly satisfied with "agreeing to disagree."
JACK McENANY: Professor Zinn, recurrent in your book, A People's History of the United States, are examples of working, class America fighting wars that it had no personal stake in.
The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) reportedly had plans for a lightweight mini-tournament but it failed to come to fruition.
He said Pacquiao is more inclined to fighting a tuneup fight in April, maybe in Dubai, Malaysia or China, while McGregor returns to the UFC cage for his own fight.
Japan's son will be fighting in American soil for the first time in his 12-year career, a geographically short pilgrimage since his bouts were all fought in his native land and in the Philippines.
PUNCH UP Fighting at a heavier weight is challenge that Conor McGregor is happy to face
In 10 fights' time I could be fighting for the English title maybe." But Vaughan knows he is still very new to the professional ranks.
Armagh, who have bred pit-bull terriers for fighting for the past 20 years.