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being six more than fifty


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Though looked upon as a weighty man among his contemporaries in respect of animal substance, and as favored with a remarkable degree of fundamental development, well adapting him for the judicial bench, we conceive that the modern Judge Pyncheon, if weighed in the same balance with his ancestor, would have required at least an old-fashioned fifty-six to keep the scale in equilibrio.
He had been twenty-three on leaving New York - he was fifty-six to- day; unless indeed he were to reckon as he had sometimes, since his repatriation, found himself feeling; in which case he would have lived longer than is often allotted to man.
"During this year there have been made by the ordinance of justice, to the sound of the trumpet, through the squares of Paris, fifty-six proclamations.
Two hundred and fifty-six million rupees have been earmarked for digital jobs in the province.
A spokesman of Provincial Government told media that three hundred and eighty million rupees will be spent on the digitization of land record and setting up of service delivery centers.He said two hundred and fifty-six million rupees have been earmarked for digital jobs in the province.
Two women died while at least fifty-six houses were damaged on Wednesday morning when a strong earthquake hit this city anew, just less than two months after it was struck by a magnitude 6.9 tremor.
Memphis Center: "Skywest Fifty-six Thirty-five is cleared to, uh ...
Fifty-six categories include many for print and online newsletters--for example, Newsletter Design, Newsletter Information Graphics, Newsletter General Excellence, B-to-B Website Publication of the Year, and E-Newsletter--Breaking News.
Fifty-six percent of GOP students said they want to hear politicians talk openly about their religious beliefs, while only 21 percent of college Democrats agree.
Fifty-six percent of participants preferred the computerized to the clinician interview, and 49% would favor answering sexual history questions on a computer and then reviewing their answers with a clinician.
Fifty-six years after George Orwell published 1984, his magnificent polemic against totalitarianism, the big lie is king in America.
Brooklyn-born Ranieri has been attending ABT for fifty-one of his fifty-six years, built an investment firm in the 1980s, and currently is the lead director at Computer Associates on Long Island.
Students want to play "long pieces" for the recital, and this collection will fit the bill with all pieces being three pages and ranging in length from thirty-two to fifty-six measures.
Healey did not have access to Soviet police records, but he was able to locate documentation about twenty-three prosecutions (before 1917 and after 1930) involving fifty-six defendants in the archives of the Moscow city courts.