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being one more than fifty


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A spokesman of PESCO told state-run Radio Pakistan that the government has initiated work on one hundred and fifty-one electricity projects in the province out of which fifty-five have been completed.
By offering a fusion of incomparable luxury, personalised hospitality and impeccable service, Fifty-One East has emerged as a paragon of impeccable taste.
DISADVANTAGED BUSINESS ENTERPRISE: At least fifty-one percent 51% owned by one or more socially disadvantaged individuals, or a publicly held corporation with at least fifty-one percent 51% of the stock owned by one or more such individuals.
ADELE Silva, best known for her long-running role as Kelly Windsor in Emmerdale, is to star in Fifty-One Shades of Maggie.
Richard (Dick) and Marilynn Smith retired on June 28, 2007 after fifty-one years of combined active duty, reserve, and civil service during a ceremony at Winnie Davis Hall with the Staff and Students from NSCS Athens on hand.
In "51 Fast And Fun Packaged Dough Recipes", culinary expert and cookbook author Dolores Kostelni as compiled fifty-one quick, easy, and fun recipes for all dining occasions and with each savory recipe based on the use of packaged dough for time-saving convenience.
Fifty-one new die sets were added to stamp 77 unique parts for the Eos, and this number will rise as the Scirocco reaches production.
Offering an overview of each entry point, meticulously detailed accountings of one hundred routes covering difficulty level as well as pros and cons, fifty-one maps showcasing major waterways, portages, and designated campsites, and much more, Exploring the Boundary Waters is the resource to consult before planning a canoe getaway in the BWCAW.
The six parts, comprising fifty-one chapters and four appendices, greatly advances our knowledge of the shape of leadership and the Christians' relation to the Judeans living in Rome.
Joanna Grace of Madison, Wisconsin, reports, since receiving the Fellowship, she's been "talked up around town" and now has fifty-one private students and a waiting list as well.
The International Court of Justice at The Hague ruled in March that the United States violated the rights of fifty-one Mexicans on death row in U.
Of the fifty-one exhibiting artists, roughly half hail from either Australia and New Zealand or Portugal, Brazil, and Spain.
Brooklyn-born Ranieri has been attending ABT for fifty-one of his fifty-six years, built an investment firm in the 1980s, and currently is the lead director at Computer Associates on Long Island.
Compared to the hundreds or thousands of letters left by Petrarch, Salutati, Filelfo, and Erasmus, the surviving correspondence of Agricola is small, just fifty-one of his own letters and four letters addressed to him.
The company that built the planes was fifty-one percent Turkish-owned, forty-two percent owned by Lockheed Martin (at that time it was General Dynamics) and seven percent owned by General Electric, the company that built the engine.