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a small high-pitched flute similar to a piccolo

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The drum and fife, the rattle of arms, and the shouts of boys were heard from morning till night.
Fife, ten, twenty-fife more fish than come he say there was.
Got an engagement at the theayter, with his father, to play the fife in a military piece.
George does not again rise to his full height in that parlour until the time is drawing on when the bassoon and fife are expected by a British public at the theatre; and as it takes time even then for Mr.
Fifes health and social care partnership is committed to personalisation and outcome based services for individuals of all ages and abilities and is seeking to appoint a range of partner organisations to deliver outcome focused support to young people, adults and older people with a range of identified support needs throughout Fife, under a framework agreement.
Corps members, who play on handmade rope-tensioned drums, 10-hole wooden fifes and single-valve bugles, maintain bonds with their young fans long after a performance.
Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps plays an active role in telling America's story.