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Synonyms for fiesta

Synonyms for fiesta

an elaborate party (often outdoors)


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Police have assured that the fiestas of Tacloban and Ormoc cities in Leyte this month would be safe and orderly.
"The Fiesta Big Black failed the thickness test," the letter signed by Jacinta Wasike said.
"On Sunday 10th March, an orange Ford Fiesta ST Line was stolen from the Berwick Hills area of Middlesbrough.
Said Daphne Kwok, vice president for Multicultural Leadership of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) with over 37 million members, 'Our partnership with Fiesta in America has been very exciting and we look forward to creating more innovative ways of how we can share AARP's resources.'
As a result the Fiesta Active has a more comfortable ride than most crossovers.
The other key fix is the modified suspension, which ensures the Fiesta's ride has been well and truly sorted.
The layout in front of the driver has also been simplified with fewer buttons and switches to contend with but the Fiesta is packed with the latest high-tech kit, enough to keep tech-savvy owners amused and entertained.
Along with the retirement of Paprika, Fiesta discontinued its square bowl, square mug and soap/lotion dispenser as of Sept.
In early 2015, Fiesta was purchased by ACON, an international private equity investment firm.
In the UK alone between 1976 and this year, Ford have sold 4,339,149 Fiestas. In those four decades, more than one in every 20 cars sold in the UK was a Fiesta.
Houston based grocer Fiesta Mart, L.L.C., is acquiring 11 Minyard Food Stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex from RLS Supermarkets, L.L.C., the company said.
CUSTOMERS visiting Jennings Ford, part of the multi-award winning Jennings Motor Group, are taking advantage of a number of Colour Edition models in the Fiesta range.
Entre quienes cooperaron con su esfuerzo y dedicacion a favor de la gestacion del presente trabajo, cabe mencionar los nombres de Ana Mabel Boromei con su estudio titulado: Una aproximacion al tema de la fiesta religiosa, de Viviana Boch de Boldrini: Ideales y valores de los grupos de elites Tardorromanos en la cuarta centuria, de Marine L.
EVERYBODY KNOWS FIESTA DINNERWARE, those bright, chunky plates and cups decorated with concentric circles that come in rainbow colors.