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Synonyms for fiend

Synonyms for fiend

a perversely bad, cruel, or wicked person

a person who is ardently devoted to a particular subject or activity

Synonyms for fiend

a cruel wicked and inhuman person

an evil supernatural being

a person motivated by irrational enthusiasm (as for a cause)

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Her son, now 17, has since been plagued by a stream of sick letters from the sex fiend.
SICK SECRET He met Prince after attacks FACADE Vile predator was a nightclub singer NAILED Sex fiend Khannan
FIEND Phillip Garrido INNOCENT Jaycee at a Hallowe'en do SMILES Jaycee shortly before she was snatched HAPPY DAYS Jaycee, aged three, in ballet gear and, inset, Garrido in 1976
Now, more than 40 officers have stepped up their massive manhunt for the fiend they have dubbed the "railway rapist".
I can see there might be a few problems, but all in all I'd rather face a four-legged fiend than a two-legged one.
A SALVATION Army chaplain told yesterday of the most chilling moment in his life - as he stared into the evil eyes of child sex fiend Sidney Cooke.
Evil sex fiend John Cronin convinced residents in the sleepy village of Mohill, County Leitrim, that he was a millionaire, a top Scottish education boss and leader of Edinburgh City Council.
FACEBOOK fiend George Appleton's ex-girlfriend had urged the young mum he murdered to "run a mile" from him, she revealed yesterday.
Both of those musicals did a better job of fiend humanization than does ``Dracula.
A pint-sized sex fiend sentenced to death by the IRA for allegedly raping a teenage girl has tried to kill himself.
BERTIE Ahern last night denied Ireland was a paedo paradise after it emerged a British sex fiend had been lying low in an Irish town.
A SEX fiend jailed for life for a horrific rape attack on a nurse has died behind bars.
My personal opinion is that she's not a drug fiend,'' Came said.
Child sex fiend Trevor Holland was back behind bars last night after being recaptured at the seaside.
Additions include: new skills, including Tumble and Appraise; new feats, such as Divine Might, Great Cleave and Bullheaded; new weapons, such as Holy Water Flasks and Choking Powder; five new prestige classes, including the Blackguard, Shadowdancer, and Assassin; new monsters from the D&D universe, including the Pit Fiend, Cockatrice, Sphinx and Manticore; and over fifty new spells.