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a researcher who works in the field

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Such diversity enables us to be privy to various circumstances that only the fieldworkers experience.
That would likely benefit the would-be fieldworkers in accessing the hard-to-count communities.
Using Spike with Survey123 relieves fieldworkers of the burden of carrying paper maps to find the object of interest and lugging multiple pieces of specialized, expensive measuring equipment.
After consultation with the manager of the community mental health organisation the researcher gave a presentation to all fieldworkers on the proposed research study.
The method of the fieldworker to access these memories determines how the art of the landscape is perceived.
Because of emotional encouragement from WRWF's fieldworker and financial support from donors worldwide, this distraught mother is joyfully raising her beloved daughter.
To capture baseline and exit data and store data for the Deaf SMS (in-house) campaigns, a Google Apps for Education subscription was purchased, and each fieldworker was given their own account.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 5, 2015-Complete Innovations Closes FieldWorker Mobile Technology Acquisition
Target: FieldWorker Mobile Technology Solutions, Inc
A trained fieldworker conducted the interview in a private room or section of the participant's house using a structured questionnaire.
Keough had been a government co-operative fieldworker during the 1940s.
As a female fieldworker, many of her informants were women; the author also believes the pressures in Sylhet are particularly difficult for newly-married women.
This elemental detail runs throughout the diaries of Seamus Ennis, who bicycled through the Gaeltacht as a fieldworker for the Irish Folklore Commission from 1942 to 1946.
We used purposeful and snowball sampling through the local settlement agency, whose staff assisted with identifying and contacting potential participants for permission to be contacted by us, and recruiting a fieldworker from each ethnolinguistic group.
He charts her early life in Ireland, arrival and work in Australia, her interest in Aboriginal peoples and her consequent development as a fieldworker (a self-taught anthropologist), and her final days working as a journalist in Adelaide.