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Synonyms for fieldmouse

any nocturnal Old World mouse of the genus Apodemus inhabiting woods and fields and gardens

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My companion and I headed for the K2 after enjoying a couple of well-earned after-work pints across the road at Moseley's Fieldmouse and Firkin pub.
If the grass had been scorched on The Curragh, it went up in smoke on the Rowley Mile as The Hawk flashed down on Rock Of Gibraltar like a bird of prey zeroing in on a helpless fieldmouse.
All week I've felt like a fieldmouse with a kestrel hovering overhead, waiting fearfully for Sarah to pounce.
Mrs Widowed fieldmouse (remember Lucy cat murdered her husband) has died a natural death behind my cooker.
leading to adventures with a singing toad and a fussy fieldmouse to name but two.
WORST OF THE DAY: If you drop a Bible from a great height it can kill a fieldmouse.
Burney and Ajao are currently fronting their own quintet, appearing most Monday nights down at the Fieldmouse & Firkin in Moseley.
The infamous Fighting Cocks pub, a haunt of serious drinkers, has been transformed into the quaintly and geographically-erroneous named Fieldmouse and Ferkin.