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Synonyms for fieldmouse

any nocturnal Old World mouse of the genus Apodemus inhabiting woods and fields and gardens

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A PLUCKY fieldmouse pulls off one of nature's great escapes after being swept away in a swollen river.
After one night of heavy frost, every fieldmouse in the neighbourhood made straight for our Aga-warmed farmhouse.
The infamous Fighting Cocks pub, a haunt of serious drinkers, has been transformed into the quaintly and geographically-erroneous named Fieldmouse and Ferkin.
They also enjoy a regular Monday night gig at Moseley's Fieldmouse and Firkin.
leading to adventures with a singing toad and a fussy fieldmouse to name but two.
WORST OF THE DAY: If you drop a Bible from a great height it can kill a fieldmouse.
Burney and Ajao are currently fronting their own quintet, appearing most Monday nights down at the Fieldmouse & Firkin in Moseley.
1, Gateway's fieldmouse, and Works for Windows, which is a fully functional word processor, spreadsheet and database program ideal for frequent travelers.