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(baseball) a measure of a fielder's performance

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* Bush turned in a respectable fielding record in 1947--260 putouts, 12 assists, and 8 errors--which gave him a fielding average of .971, eighteen points higher than the composite fielding average (.953) of the first basemen of Eli opponents.
When comparing the highest career fielding averages by position, for example, the men consistently rank higher.
5 The individual performance measures are: earned-run average -- the average number of runs a pitcher yields over nine innings that do not result from fielding errors; batting and slugging average -- the number of hits or the number of bases divided by the number of at bats; and fielding average -- the number of successful fielding plays divided by the number of attempts.
She also scored 432 runs and maintained a respectable .961 fielding average. The highlight of her career was the 1951 season, when she helped the Blue Sox win their first league championship.
The variables used for hitterswere: batting average (ba), runs batted in (rbi's), slugging average (sa), runs scored (r), strike outs (so), stolen bases (sb), and fielding average (fa).
Beltre will be replacing another fine third baseman, Mike Lowell, who has the highest fielding average in history at the position.
Troy fulowitzki, Rockies: Despite being a rookie, shortstop committed only 11 errors for a .987 fielding average With the bat, he hit .291 with 24 homers, 99 RBI and 104 runs scored.
Bill holds the major league record for lowest fielding average for a shortstop in 100 games or more games with a mark of .861.
The author feels that his system "gives a much more accurate idea of how good a season a player had than any other single season statistic available, such as batting average, slugging percentage or fielding average."
Hartnett was named the National League's Most Valuable Player in 1935, after batting .344 (third in the league) and topping Major League catchers in assists, double plays, and fielding average in leading the Cubs to the pennant.
The Dodgers have a young catcher with that mind-set in Russell Martin, 23, who joined the big league club last May and finished the year with 117 games behind the plate with a .993 fielding average.
Barnes's fielding average was a shabby .849, with 61 games at short and 16 at second base.
The Red Sox are third in the league in fielding average and third in fewest errors.
* 8--Most seasons leading the league in fielding average for shortstops established by Everett Scott (1916-1923) and later equaled by Lou Boudreau (1940-1944, 1946-1948) and Luis Aparicio (1959-1966),
Primarily a second baseman, Billy was also adept at shortstop and third base and finished his twelve-year major league career with a .987 fielding average.