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test something under the conditions under which it will actually be used

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He says companies and universities are being denied field-test coverage by insurance companies.
Boone is having field-tested students take their regular Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment Systems exams on top of PARCC field tests.
Several MERV "cores' containing webs of ESI membrane are already being field-tested in institutional air-conditioning systems in the U.S.
Given the fact that there is a widely perceived belief (not necessarily corroborated by research) that some of the inhaled medications for the treatment of EIA are ergogenic and might improve performance, the importance of a confirmed, field-tested diagnosis is even clearer.
A local cab company, for example, field-tests two all-terrain Land Rovers for the manufacturer.
Finished prototype castings or assemblies are laboratory and/or field-tested on weapon systems per specified customer requirements.
By the end of 1998, we had field-tested 16 locations (nursing homes and hospitals).
Lisa Guisbond, an assessment reform analyst with Boston-based FairTest, an organization critical of standardized tests, said, "I think the districts feel they're in a bit of a bind'' in terms of choosing whether to give field-tested students the MCAS, too.
Fratantoni and his colleagues field-tested this propulsion system about 2 weeks ago in an ocean basin in the Bahamas that's more than 2 km deep.
Because the field-tested wires include silver, they're pricey.
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