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the scene of a duel

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We think of those who died on the field of honour, and the words of Lacordaire spring to mind: 'O Lord, will You not bestow a special grace upon those brave souls who arrive before You in the folds of their country's flag?
GRAB a tankard of mead, chomp on a ham hock and cheer on your favourite knight as he does battle on the field of honour.
He said that his visit to Tunisia was also part of the commemoration of the homage paid to the American soldiers who fell on the field of honour in North Africa during the second World War.
He was laid to rest in the Field of Honour in Pointe-Claire, Quebec.
This is why, as the new Director of Communications at National Field of Honour in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, I am very happy to announce an important development for our veterans and their families.
Traditionally, the National Field of Honour is a cemetery reserved for Canadian Armed Forces, Allied Forces and Canadian Merchant Navy members who died while on duty.
On November 11th members of the public, veterans and relatives may purchase small Canadian flags, which may, with appropriate messages, be placed in a Field of Honour plot.
Black Mike is buried in the fund's Field of Honour in Pointe Claire, PQ.