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the domain controlled by a feudal lord

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an organization that is controlled by a dominant person or group

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The statement notes that "60 years of military rule in this country brought to Egyptians only desolation and destruction, poverty and widespread corruption, 'fiefdom' mentality and the loss of national independence," adding that the "traitorous" commanders of the military "did not understand the message of the revolution".
While your peers have been managing publicly held corporations, you've run a fiefdom--Rupert's fiefdom. Hence, your performance has hinged not merely on the normal corporate cycles of growth and contraction but also on Murdoch's personal power surges.
The church is God's people, not a corporation of executives or a medieval fiefdom. Only a church that is out of touch with the Gospel would boast that it is not a democracy."
Dear Editor, I was furious on reading the article regarding the heckling of Company Sergeant Major Neil Powell at Selly Oak Hospital, in particular Lynne Jones' remarks to the effect injured soldiers "seem to want their own designated staff and facilities, a fiefdom".
Bush's summary though: Agence France-Presse reported that during a recent CBS 60 Minutes interview, a retired CIA operative, Tyler Drumheller, said that prior to the invasion of Iraq, the CIA had learned from former Iraqi foreign minister Naji Sabri--who doubled as a covert intelligence agent--that it was highly doubtful that any weapons of mass destruction would be found in Saddam's fiefdom.
Charles II had granted William Penn a proprietary charter and the Penn family ran the state like a fiefdom. Franklin fell in love with London and hated the thought of returning to America.
"Each fiefdom had its own director who was chosen and supervised by the local chief judge of the trial court ...
The brutal, foul-mouthed Western kicked off its second series with a vicious punch-up between Sheriff Seth (an "upright pain in the balls") and Al Swearengen, the ruthless saloon boss who runs the lawless South Dakota town like a private fiefdom.
Create your own little fiefdom! That's what two provinces in Bolivia are doing.
Adapted with permission from The Fiefdom Syndrome: The Turf Battles That Undermine Careers and Companies--And How to Overcome Them (Currency/Doubleday).
Not surprisingly Jack wants a piece of Santa's lovely fiefdom, and sets out to kidnap the fat man and take his own Christmas Eve sleigh ride.
Former Microsoft executive and author Bob Herbold will speak about avoiding the fiefdom syndrome--the inclination of leaders and employees to fixate on their own activities and careers to the detriment of those around them.
AT THE HARVARD DESIGN SCHOOL, HI-LO [C] ARCHITECT AND INTER-disciplinary smarty-pants Rem Koolhaas has a fiefdom where he and his Harvard [C] research elves crank out obese tomes mingling pedagogy and snazzy graphics.
The two warlords ran Kandahar as a fiefdom until they and their allies were toppled by Mullah Omar in Nov.