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Synonyms for fictive

consisting or suggestive of fiction

Synonyms for fictive

adopted in order to deceive

capable of imaginative creation

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Then, the fictive texts were given to 30 students and as a result of this, two texts were eliminated due to the limit of class times.
Again, Perreal is emphasizing the inherent gulf separating artistic representation from the reality it seeks to represent, with alchemy, rather than "fictive pinture" or poetry, serving here as the particular form of representation or art that he finds problematic or limited.
Taken together, the concepts of fictive kinship and intersectionality provide a useful frame of analysis for the narrative.
Table-1: Example - baseline participant profile of the fictive randomized controlled
Or the fictive family who made her final years so happy?
However, the other elements of the method, including the reinforcement learning algorithm, the use of fictive learning, and the method's central idea of applying reinforcement learning to a synthetically augmented environment are independent of the domain and could be used for other applications once the augmenters for that application have been developed.
In recent years, however, the fictive and even escapist mode has prevailed, so fact-based narratives have generally been eschewed by our filmmakers, with some noteworthy exceptions: Gil Portes' "Liars," recently on view at the Cinemalaya festival, reminds viewers of the time when overaged Filipino "children" undeservingly won an international sports title, and "Captive," Brillante Mendoza's dramatization of the kidnapping of tourists and locals at a posh beach resort.
In The Fictive and the Imaginary (which Oatley does not cite), Iser explains how the "fictive component of literature" motivates the imaginary: "By opening up spaces of play, the fictive compels the imaginary to take on a form at the same time that it acts as a medium for its manifestation.
The two employees are being accused of financial fraudulence, abusing their positions to misappropriate (BOC) funds, forge offers and attribute them to fictive companies.
Instead, it provocatively features a fictive, downwardly mobile citizen trying to get hard answers from real-life candidates regarding what they'll do in office to help needy supporters like herself.
Akerman's concerns with narrative and the relationship between the textual and the visual, the fictive and the documentary, are to be mirrored in the show's design, which promises an innovative display of materials selected from the artist's archive.
Turkey issued three warrants for Asliturk's arrest over fictive export, fraud and forgery of documents.
Not the big fictive pieces, but shorter, more lyric and personal poems, often addressed to his friends.
As a writer, Tom expands his observations into fictive imaginingsathe reader observes his creative process and witnesses the transformation of each sketch into something whole.