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(law) a name under which a corporation conducts business that is not the legal name of the corporation as shown in its articles of incorporation

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The 'Rang De Basabti' director said, "The mother-son love story is set in the slums of Bombay to be exact in Ghatkopar east in slum colony called Gandhi Nagar, which is a fictitious name for the neighbourhood Amrut Nagar.
That said, I encourage you to visit the Journal's web page to review the notable activities highlighted in the reports; whether it be the Business Law Section's efforts to modernize Florida's fictitious name statute and fraudulent transfer statute; the International Law Section's TED-inspired ILSTalks that educated, motivated, and inspired its members on topics such as international investigations from a former CIA officer's perspective, the Trans Pacific Partnership, and lifting the Cuban embargo; or the Young Lawyers Division's ongoing advocacy and guidance for those just entering our profession.
Further investigation, said the statement, proved that Muna al-Khatib is a fictitious name associated with inflammatory and inciting articles and does not reveal anything about the real identity of Khatib.
They had registered the name as a fictitious name to show they had an intent to use that name, including in many advertisements," Schwait said.
Mina Devi happens to be one such fictitious name among many figuring on the list of government beneficiaries who allegedly underwent procedures.
The Eugene man entered guilty pleas on Thursday to charges of money laundering and using a fictitious name and address.
The video was spread by Dautov under a fictitious name of "Sheikh Hafiz Bakhtiar Al Misri" on several websites, which contradicts the constitutional order of Kyrgyzstan.
Qadery allegedly embezzled funds sent to the USAID-supported Agricultural Development Fund (ADF), by making a wire transfer equivalent to $539,000 to an Afghanistan International Bank account set up under a fictitious name, it added.
When asked what prompted him to join the initiative Mahmoud, a fictitious name to preserve his privacy, said: "At first I thought it was absurd, but when I saw my neighbour taking his chickens, out I felt compelled to take Bertha for a stroll too.
Also, Charbel told the press that the group which claimed responsibility of the kidnappings is using a fictitious name which has no record at the ministry of interior.
These sites might show that the party's name is a trade or fictitious name for another entity whose ownership, offshore presence, form of business or board of directors is a [big] surprise.
A former AUM Shinrikyo follower obtained a health insurance certificate under a fictitious name through her employer in Osaka while she sheltered a fugitive former senior member of the cult for nearly 17 years, investigative sources said Friday.
Ago later contacted his cellphone provider to have the number changed and the account placed under a fictitious name.
North West Wales Coroner Dewi Pritchard Jones said Mrs Williams had checked into the Regency Hotel in Bangor the previous day using a fictitious name.
Insurer use of fictitious name when adjusting claims on behalf of other insurers