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animals that exist only in fiction (usually in children's stories)

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A multitude of internal and external economic and social forces push and pull at China, and author Terry Lautz, a Moynihan Research Fellow at Syracuse University, compares China to a fictional animal with two heads and minds facing opposite ways.
More than 90 entries from young people aged between 11 and 16 were received for the contest, which challenged people to draw their favourite fictional animal. The pictures will be displayed until tomorrow.
In the Chinese Zodiac line up the dragon is the only fictional animal and it holds a very vital and significant role in the Chinese households.
To thank his supporters, Ai made a video of himself singing along to a song composed by Chinese Web users about a fictional animal known as a "grass mud horse" -- so-named because the Chinese characters are homonyms for a graphic slur.
Which fictional animal faded away, leaving only its grin?
Still, I imagine many of you will make up for it this evening by seeing your very own tiny, fictional animals - most likely, little pink elephants.
Fictional Animals. Many of the Caldecott books contain stories about fictional animals such as Tops & Bottoms featuring hares and a bear, My Friend Rabbit with a rabbit and a mouse, Tuesday with frogs, and Jumanji with many wild animals.