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Synonyms for fickle

Synonyms for fickle

Synonyms for fickle

marked by erratic changeableness in affections or attachments


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liable to sudden unpredictable change

References in classic literature ?
He had not allowed for the fickle gust of wind which seized the arrow and carried it to one side.
But, notwithstanding the kind treatment we received, I was too familiar with the fickle disposition of savages not to feel anxious to withdraw from the valley, and put myself beyond the reach of that fearful death which, under all these smiling appearances, might yet menace us.
During the time of my imprisonment, a new caricaturist had started, with a manner of his own; he had already formed a new school, and the fickle public were all running together after him and his disciples.
Fans of infectious indie pop must see Declan McKenna, Vistas and Fickle Friends.
The Case of the Fickle Mermaid" is the latest and one of the very best.
uk ] When UK demand rockets in daytime Wednesday, possibly to 55 GW, the wind percentage will drop much further unless the fickle wind picks up
DEAR Editor, Retail is a very complex and highly competitive business, coupled with having to cater for the fickle shopper.
Her two-year-old shingle Fickle Fish Films, launched with co-topper Meghan Hibbett, is readying its first release, "Austenland," starring Keri Russell as a die-hard Jane Austen fan who plans a vacation at a country house steeped in the world of the 19th century British romance writer.
My only source of happiness can't be dependent on something so fickle," she added.
THE talented but frustrating Fickle Fortune should open her account in Wednesday's Sean Graham Bookmakers Maiden Hurdle in Down Royal.
Patrick Mullins, rider of Champagne Fever, is seeking a third win in the race as is Nina Carberry, who partners Fickle Fortune, while Robbie and J T McNamara and Alan Berry are the other riders involved to have won this.
Undoubtedly a contributing factor was favorable demographics of youthful populations, but such trends are fickle, constantly changing with wealth, education, immigration or technology.
FICKLE -- The oil market is fickle, to put it mildly.
COVENTRY City supporters have been accused many times in the past of being fickle.
A clever often hilarious multi-layered study of a fickle business that often thinks its doing the world a service and deserves its sharply pointed pummelling.