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having or resembling fibers especially fibers used in making cordage such as those of jute


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(of meat) full of sinews

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The greatest number of cases of fibrous hyperplasia was observed by Cooke to occur in the 4th decade16 whereas Buchner et al reported most of the cases to occur in the 3rd ,4th and 5th decade.
Reactive fibrous hyperplasia associated with a natal tooth--A Case Report.
Table 1--Presence of stromal myofibroblasts in focal fibrous hyperplasia (FFH), peripheral ossifying fibroma (POF), pyogenic granuloma (PG), and peripheral giant cell granuloma (PGCG).
Many types of localized reactive lesions may occur on the gingiva, including focal fibrous hyperplasia, pyogenic granuloma, peripheral giant cell granuloma and peripheral cemento-ossifying fibroma (PCOF).
The term denture fissuratum (DF), also called denture hyperplasia, fibrous inflammatory hyperplasia, denture-induced fibrous hyperplasia, is a mucosal hyperplastic lesion resulting from chronic low-grade trauma induced by an ill-fitting denture flange.
In the current study, fibrous hyperplasia with overextended flanges was noted in 12.
A giant cell fibroma, a type of fibrous hyperplasia, was discovered during a preventive patient visit in the dental hygiene clinic at a Midwestern university.
Since the histology of the gingival fibrous nodule may be similar, if not identical to, localized fibrous hyperplasias, such as the fibroma (which is also known as the irritation or traumatic fibroma or the fibrous nodule or focal fibrous hyperplasia), the diagnosis becomes an exercise in clinicopathologic correlation.