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benign tumor of smooth muscle (usually in the uterus or digestive tract)

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Classification of gastric polyps (The British Society of Gast-roenterology, 2009) Non-mucosal Intramural Epithelial Polyps Polyps Fundic gland polyp Gastrointestinal stromal tumor Hyperplastic polyp Leiomyoma Adenomatous polyp Inflamatoryfibroid polyp Hamartomatous polyp Fibromaand fibromyoma * Juvenile polyp Lipoma * Peutz-Jeghers' syndrome Ectopic pancreas * Cowden's syndrome Neurogenic and vascular Polyposis syndromes tumours (non-hamartomatous) Neuroendocrine tumours * Juvenile polyposis (carcinoids) * Familial adenomatous polyposis Table 2.
These include fibromyoma, rhabdomyomas, fibromas, leiomyomas and osteomas.
Homoeopathy in the Treatment of Patients with Fibromyoma of the Uterus.
(2008) describe the hysteromyomectomy in relation to developed necrosis of the tumor and intestinal obstruction with the female of 36 years-old at the 22nd week of gestation; it was removed a fibromyoma weighing 2200 g.