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Three types of odontogenic tumors have been described in Veterinary literature: fibromatous epulis, ossifying epulis and acanthomatous epulis.
Fibromatous periorchitis exhibits diffuse proliferative encasement of the testis and manifests grossly as an indurated testis reminiscent of malignancy.
Benign fibromatous tumors of the testis and paratesticular region: A report of 9 cases with a proposed classification of fibromatous tumors and tumor-like lesions.
The tumor was previously known as 'subdermal fibromatous tumor of infancy'.
Microscopic pathologic assessment (Figure 5) confirmed, in addition to a background fibromatous stroma, the presence of endometrial tissue within the lesion.
Microscopic examination revealed immature neural tissue, cartilage, muscle, fibromatous tissue.
Further research needs to be done particularly on the genetic basis and treatment strategies of this rare familial gingival fibromatous disease.
We suggest a deep excisional biopsy with appropriate immunohisto-chemistry for any recurrent fibromatous tumor.
Fibromatous Epulides are benign growths that are usually stalk-shaped, pink masses that envelop the teeth.