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Frozen sections showed relatively uniform, small tumor cells forming compressed tubular structures and cords in a prominent fibromatous stroma (B and C).
Multiple names have been applied for these lesions including inflammatory pseudotumor, chronic proliferative periorchitis, proliferative funiculitis, fibromatous periorchitis, fibrous mesothelioma, benign fibrous paratesticular tumor, and reactive periorchitis [6, 7].
A rapid (albeit very temporary) relief of the pain when subsequently palpating the area that originally hurt, is suggestive of having found the fibromatous mass and also that either its surgical excision or its percutaneous infiltration with a suitable corticosteroid may improve matters.
Four cases of filarial epididymitis, two cases each of non-specific granulomatous epididymitis and fibromatous periorchitis [Figure 1d] and one case of mesothelial cyst were reported.
(6) Jones and colleagues, who studied a series of 9 cases, proposed further categorizing benign fibromatous testicular and paratesticular lesions into fibromas of testicular tunics or of gonadal stromal origin, angiomyofibroblastomas and fibroblastic/myofibroblastic pseudotumours.
The tumor was previously known as 'subdermal fibromatous tumor of infancy'.
Microscopic pathologic assessment (Figure 5) confirmed, in addition to a background fibromatous stroma, the presence of endometrial tissue within the lesion.
Microscopic examination revealed immature neural tissue, cartilage, muscle, fibromatous tissue.
Case 1 underwent repeated biopsies and resections of primary tumor, local recurrences, and metastasis over a period of 11 years where the diagnosis varied from a benign fibromatous tumor to aggressive fibromatosis, neurofibroma, and neurofibromatosis, before the diagnosis of LGFMS was made.
Further research needs to be done particularly on the genetic basis and treatment strategies of this rare familial gingival fibromatous disease.
We suggest a deep excisional biopsy with appropriate immunohisto-chemistry for any recurrent fibromatous tumor.
Fibromatous Epulides are benign growths that are usually stalk-shaped, pink masses that envelop the teeth.
Malignant fibromatous peritoneal mesothelioma associated with liposclerotic mesenteritis.
Granulosa cell tumors may be in the differential of standard fibromas, as the former may have prominent fibromatous areas, and it would be possible at the time of frozen section of a granulosa cell tumor to sample a zone that morphologically would be entirely appropriate to characterize as fibroma.
Immunohistochemical staining was positive for S-100 at mature adipocytes and negative for desmin and smooth muscle actin in the fibromatous areas (Figure 2).