fibre optics

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the transmission of light signals via glass fibers

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We also aim to create an integrated community between labour and technicians involved in the manufacturing of fibre optics. This plan was initiated four years ago, but it will grow and expand faster to benefit from the presence of the modern fibre optics factory and a strong Chinese partner.
We have an operational factory in the city of Sixth of October since 1994, which produces fibre optics and copper accessories, such as conductors and network distributors.
Our factory in Badr is specialised in fibre optics. It is the only factory in Egypt in that field.
On the other hand, due to herein stated advantages of fibre optics, some systems still consider fibre optics as the first priority of applications, especially in live broadcasting.
Where should those who are working on fibre optics go?
Before better solutions can be found, fibre optics is still the best option.
Under the new agreement, Telenor will provide over 70 fibre optic accesses to the Amedia group.
Our ICT infrastructure must therefore be prepared for future growth so we have chosen to bring all of our companies together in a shared network based on fibre optic accesses.
Brian Herbst, director of specialty cables, received a patent for breathable down hole fibre optic cable.
Wayne Quesnel, development design engineer for AFL's conductor accessories division, received a patent for a wedge dead end that supports optical ground wire, a fibre optic cable primarily used by the electric utility industry, placed in the topmost position of a transmission line where it shields conductors from lightning while providing a telecommunications path for internal as well as their party communications.
"Pangea Fiber Optics is a very attractive fibre optics company which has significant potential and is now in its start-up phase.
Pangea Fiber Optics develops equipment based on fibre optic technology for monitoring WDM systems within the broadband sector of the telecommunications industry.
Individual al fibre optic strands are grouped into eight bundles connected to halogen light projectors set behind the glass.