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a flexible medical instrument involving fiber optics that is used to examine internal organs

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Patient baseline vitals (HR, SBP, DBP, MAP, EtC[O.sub.2], Sp[O.sub.2]) were recorded during preoxygenation, during fiberscope insertion, ETT placement and then every minute for the next five minutes.
The fiberoptic bronchoscope (Karl Storz[R] Intubation fiberscope 11301 BN1) was passed through the tube, vocal cords were visualized and the tube was passed through the glottic aperture.
In our study, we presented an endoscopic necrosectomy technique that is based on the removal of necrotic tissues under fluoroscopic guidance without the need to introduce fiberscope into the necrotic collection cavity and without its inflation with gas [21], which also eliminates the risk of air embolism.
Our plans for intubation were (1) attempt intubation with conventional laryngoscopy, (2) attempt intubation with flexible fiberscope laryngoscopy and a variety of endotracheal tubes, and (3) laryngeal mask airway (LMA) for ventilation if the operation was abandoned.
The available evidence supports the usefulness of combined VL and other devices (including tube introducer, fiber optic bronchoscope [FOB], Bonfils intubation fiberscope, and Boedeker intubation forceps) in such difficult conditions.[sup][60],[61],[62],[63] There have also been some trials comparing the safety and efficacy of combined UEscope and other devices.
Endoscopic exams were performed by the same veterinarian (NR) with a Pentax flexible fiberscope, model 38LX, 170cm long, 12.8mm diameter, and with a working channel of 3.8mm.
Diagnostic and interventional bronchoscopy using a flexible fiberscope (BF-1TQ290; Olympus Corporation, Tokyo, Japan) was performed during mechanical ventilation.
Some of AE2200's technical features highlighted in the BTR Review include: cable TV analysis, metallic time domain reflectometer (TDR), a fiberscope, optical time domain reflector-meter (OTDR), optical power meter (OPM), visual fault locator (VFL) and light source (LS).
A rapid assessment of the trachea was performed with a portable 1.9-mm, semirigid fiberscope (MDS Incorporated, Valrico, FL, USA), confirming the presence of several tracheal strictures.
ENT general examination with nasal fiberscope endoscopy with particular attention to the nasal area was performed.
Doctors can also use an exclusive real-time, fiberscope filtering which algorithmically enhances the quality of picture seen at HD resolution and is a less expensive, yet effective alternative to chip-on-the-tip video scopes.
In this paper, we describe a fiber optic projection-imaging system for shape measurement; compare the measurement results of a MEMS component in three scenarios: free space, confined space and underwater; discuss the pros and cons of the system; and suggest tentative approaches to enhance the performance of the low-cost digital-projector-based fiberscope as a high-precision measurement tool.
Orsetti et al., "The bonfils fiberscope: a clinical evaluation of its learning curve and efficacy in difficult airway management," Minerva Anestesiologica, vol.
Patients were evaluated twice a week from the mouth to the pharynx by inspection and fiberscope examination.
Pollard, "Demonstration of a new gastroscope: the fiberscope," Gastroenterology, vol.