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Synonyms for fiber

a very fine continuous strand

a distinctive, complex underlying pattern or structure

moral or ethical strength

Synonyms for fiber

coarse, indigestible plant food low in nutrients

any of several elongated, threadlike cells (especially a muscle fiber or a nerve fiber)

the inherent complex of attributes that determines a persons moral and ethical actions and reactions

a leatherlike material made by compressing layers of paper or cloth

References in classic literature ?
The thing then tied a piece of fiber rope to one of Bradley's ankles and rolled him over the edge of the opening.
In the very aspect of those primitive and rugged trees there was, methinks, a tanning principle which hardened and consolidated the fibers of men's thoughts.
For five or six feet from the trunk, which had at the surface of the ground a diameter of several inches, it ran downward, single and straight, into a loose, friable earth; then it divided and subdivided into rootlets, fibers and filaments, most curiously interwoven.
In religion, his inherited belief, rooted in his deepest fibers, early found itself confronted by the discoveries of modern science, which at first seemed to him to proclaim that the universe is much what it seemed to the young Carlyle, a remorseless monster, 'red in tooth and claw,' scarcely thinkable as the work of a Christian God who cares for man.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Medical Fiber Optics in US$ Thousands by the following Applications: Fiberoptic Surgical Lights, Fiberoptic Dental Lights, Optic Fiber Endoscopes, Laser Fiberoptics, Fiberoptic Sensors, and Others.
Although the fiber diameters have shrunk, the equipment hasn't.
This article examines the specific research, development, and technology transfers needed to meet future recycled fiber demands.
While a user is engineering fiber outside plant, CommNets Fiber is populating a database that holds ALL the information about the fiber infrastructure.
industry, asserts the San Francisco-based Fiber Futures, which lobbies for expanded use of agricultural residues and other tree-free materials for paper.
Because fiber is not absorbed into the bloodstream, it has had a hard time achieving nutrient status.
Yet "regularity" is not a hot topic in the fiber field.
One of the major contributions that Allied Fibers has made to fiber technology is its development of high modulus, low shrinkage DSP [TM] tire cords, dimensionally stable polyester engineered to improve tire uniformity, reduce sidewall indentations and minimize tires' rolling resistance.
This year's OFC/NFOEC (Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition/National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference) will take place at the Anaheim Convention Center between March 25 and 29.
The first commercial thermoplastic composite parts containing basalt fiber were shown at JEC this year, after prototypes appeared at previous shows.