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the quality of being small in number

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"It had a sweet, low and winning sound, and did not this explain the fewness of old maids in Wales?" Pip's research found that from 1897 Barbier was on the committee for the National Eisteddfod.
They were the ones who made up for the fewness of priests, the ones who donated land, or raised money for land and buildings.
Also the shops were able to make sell despite the fewness of customers.
The LMRA intends to shutdown its external services in the post offices of Budaiya and Hamad Town starting November in view of fewness of applications there and to boost the efficacy of other LMRA offices.
Some studies which include EMG evaluations during functional activities are available (Wilkie, 1968).Also, some studies which investigate EMG results during jump are existed (Hill, 1968).Despite all, the fewness of the studies made in sports branch in which jump is efficient or in which EMG records are taken during muscle contraction with maximum weight leads to lack of literature.
Multi-stage sampling technique was adopted in the sampling of these respondents in the following order; firstly, all the 12 Unity schools in the zone were selected due to their fewness. Next, JS I and SS III students were purposively selected based on the fact that the researcher wanted to ascertain the level of library skills the students possessed on entering schools and as they leave school.
Even in a town the size of Liverpool or Manchester you are struck by the fewness of the beggars.
Given the fewness, small area and uniqueness of SPNR of the republic, they deserve the most careful treatment.
Despite the solid $40 billion gap between Disney and its next lowest competitor, however, the market would appear to be a fairly stable oligopoly, according to Eichner's (1976) The Megacorp and Oligopoly characterization of the business hierarchy: "While superficially it is the fewness of the sellers that is the essential characteristic [of oligopoly], actually it is the recognized interdependence to which the fewness of the sellers gives rise that sets oligopoly apart from other types of market structure" (Eichner, 1976, p.
According to Confucius, rulers "are not worried about fewness, but worried about uneven distribution, not worried about scarcity, but worried about disquiet" (Pound, 1969, p.270).