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Synonyms for few

a small number


  • a small number
  • a handful
  • a sprinkling
  • a scattering
  • some
  • scarcely any

few and far between

Antonyms for few

a small elite group

Related Words

a quantifier that can be used with count nouns and is often preceded by 'a'

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Tony Anderson won their retired members match with three whiting, two flounder and a codling of 1lb 11oz which was the heaviest fish, for 4lb 11oz, most other anglers took a few whiting, dab, flounder and the odd plaice.
So far, Few has resisted the urge to leave Spokane, where he's built a really nice program, "found a very unique niche that has worked out great.
But when the NewSpacers lowered their sights from "infinity and beyond" to a few minutes of floating, they realized NASA couldn't really stop them from snagging a little bit of space all their own.
Several solar masses of iron and perhaps a few other heavy elements would be trapped inside the black holes and never make their way out into interstellar space.
One pay-for-use plan is being developed by a few of the leading EMR and technology companies, health plans, employers and medical societies in the Mid-Atlantic region.
This gave some members pause; a few awkward glances were exchanged.
A couple of plastic water bottles can act as dumbbells for a few bicep curls.
Organized around the metaphorical theme spelled out in the show's title, "A Grain of Dust A Drop of Water," the exhibition filled the five galleries of the biennale, plus a few sites around the main hall and throughout the city.
The road to Art Noir's success is a familiar story with a few twists along the way.
Because, however, the lives of saints are so important for Catholics, a Jesuit priest, Jean Bolland (1596-1665), of Antwerp, Belgium, with a few co-workers, began a critical study and publication of lives of the saints.
While some training programs have led to increased knowledge among staff, few have been shown to produce sustained improvements in nursing behavior.
Now, few would expect those numbers to appear at the Canadian church's triennial national gathering, which will start at the end of this month.
What's tragic is that more than a few politicians are fueling the flames.
Researchers in Ohio are clustering seedlings grown from the few, scattered trees that have recovered from Dutch elm disease, according to an Associated Press story.
As a piano teacher who also is a record collector, I am amazed at how few modern-day musicians listen to, or are aware of, the existence of recordings made by the pianistic giants who were active at the turn of the nineteenth century.