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Synonyms for few

a small number


  • a small number
  • a handful
  • a sprinkling
  • a scattering
  • some
  • scarcely any

few and far between

Antonyms for few

a small elite group

Related Words

a quantifier that can be used with count nouns and is often preceded by 'a'

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References in classic literature ?
"We have made very few changes either," continued the Admiral, after thinking a moment.
Lady Russell and Mrs Croft were very well pleased with each other: but the acquaintance which this visit began was fated not to proceed far at present; for when it was returned, the Crofts announced themselves to be going away for a few weeks, to visit their connexions in the north of the county, and probably might not be at home again before Lady Russell would be removing to Bath.
"Good gracious!" cried Maria, after a few minutes' silence, "it seems but a day or two since we first came!
Gardiner's house, where they were to remain a few days.
He sat really lost in thought for the first few minutes; and when rousing himself, it was only to say,
A few awkward moments passed, and he sat down again; and in a more determined manner said,
Geraldine was alone when her mother came into the room a few minutes later.
The only difference between organisms which annually produce eggs or seeds by the thousand, and those which produce extremely few, is, that the slow-breeders would require a few more years to people, under favourable conditions, a whole district, let it be ever so large.
Up and down I rode among the oily black hillocks; I was down when there was a sudden flare as though the sun had risen, and I saw still a few heads bobbing and a few arms waving frantically around me.
Near the mouth of the Plata some circular and oval patches, from two to four yards in diameter, and with defined outlines, shone with a steady but pale light; while the surrounding water only gave out a few sparks.
There was a low cinder fire in a rusty, unfixed grate; and an old three-cornered stained table, with some medicine bottles, a broken glass, and a few other domestic articles, was drawn out before it.
I would not be understood to suppose that the proceedings of the unhappy scapegrace, with his few profligate companions I have here introduced, are a specimen of the common practices of society - the case is an extreme one, as I trusted none would fail to perceive; but I know that such characters do exist, and if I have warned one rash youth from following in their steps, or prevented one thoughtless girl from falling into the very natural error of my heroine, the book has not been written in vain.
He started another journal--"The Epoch," which within a few months was also prohibited.
But will not this also be possessed in sufficient degree by a very few intelligent men, diffusively elected within the State?
"My physician having acquainted me (which I take very kindly of him) that I am in danger of leaving you all very shortly, I have determined to say a few words to you at this our parting, before my distemper, which I find grows very fast upon me, puts it out of my power.