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Synonyms for few

a small number


  • a small number
  • a handful
  • a sprinkling
  • a scattering
  • some
  • scarcely any

few and far between

Antonyms for few

a small elite group

Related Words

a quantifier that can be used with count nouns and is often preceded by 'a'

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Trusted Few provides the creme de la creme of contractors to homeowners who know the meaning of quality," states Founder and Owner Michael Gasparenas, who spent two years carefully developing the site.
During a conference call Sunday night, Few was asked if he still heard from Duck fans: "Yes," he said, as reported by The Oregonian.
Branson and his peers are confining themselves to sub-orbital travel for now: blastoff, a few minutes of zero gravity at the edge of space, then back again.
After a few years, the reality sets in and you realize that you're probably not going to become rich or famous, and that becomes OK.
Take a few minutes with your team members to discuss some preventive measures you can all take to help decrease the spread of germs.
The presumed temperature, composition, turbulence, and other properties of these stars must differ if they expel most of their mass in a few late-stage, concentrated bursts rather than steadily throughout their lives, Smith agrees.
If you are a complete novice or have only been paddling a few times, consider going with a group or guide that knows the river.
However, most small practices have too few patients in the designated patient population (e.
An ideal festival motif, after all, boasts a few blockbuster shows to entice visitors to Washington, but also allows ample opportunity for other galleries to participate by fashioning related exhibits, hopefully giving visitors enough reason to stick around that extra day in Washington.
One day, work your upper body for a few minutes by doing push-ups against a wall or doing arm circles.
Organized around the metaphorical theme spelled out in the show's title, "A Grain of Dust A Drop of Water," the exhibition filled the five galleries of the biennale, plus a few sites around the main hall and throughout the city.
It contains our new Canadian saints but only a few of the blesseds.
Now, few would expect those numbers to appear at the Canadian church's triennial national gathering, which will start at the end of this month.
What's tragic is that more than a few politicians are fueling the flames.