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Synonyms for feverous

having or affected by a fever


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It was quickly determined that while mere humans could settle for constant viewing of the films and feverous discussion, true Jedi needed more.
Then a feverous search began when the number for Mr.
For anyone who's never been to a clothes swap before, imagine 50 of Roald Dahl's feverous witches surrounding their schoolboy prey and you're halfway there.
A recent column expressed my view that the feverous coverage of Tiger Woods' private life was beyond all good taste and professional reserve.
One North Down GP said: "I have never received so many calls about flu and other feverous illness.
Tranmere applied a feverous commitment to harrying and closing down 'The Iron' at every turn.
Mark's Church in the Bowery, which is at the core of Daniel Kane's own project: constellating the feverous poetics of the 1960s on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.