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Synonyms for fever tree

any of several trees having leaves or bark used to allay fever or thought to indicate regions free of fever

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ornamental shrub or small tree of swampy areas in southwestern United States having large pink or white sepals and yielding Georgia bark for treating fever

tall fast-growing timber tree with leaves containing a medicinal oil

African tree supposed to mark healthful regions

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Greenall's Wild Berry Gin (PS12, 70cl, Tesco) and Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic (PS1.
Greenall's Wild Berry Gin (pictured, currently PS12, 70cl, Tesco) and Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic (currently PS1.
I can confirm, having gone away and tried one of the lower market brands since then, that the added quality in both Forest Gin and Fever Tree makes a huge difference.
During a phone conversation with his sister, he reads her the first paragraph of Fever Tree, his new novel.
Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic Add spirits and syrup into a shaker with ice.
17% of the total voting rights in the group, Fever Tree said.
On the side was a small bottle of Fever Tree Premium Indian Tonic for mixing to taste.
For something even simpler both Bottlegreen and Fever Tree have just brought out flavoured tonics - one elderflower and one pomegranate and elderflower - that are great with or without gin or vodka.
including its new Very Lazy line of chopped ginger, chopped garlic, chopped chills, lemon curd and chutneys," says Marie Christoffersen, brand manager, Fever Tree, at Brands of Britain based in San Ramone, Calif.
Stand number: 102, Exhibition Marquee Umhlosinga Fever Tree Acacia xanthoploea (ENERGY)
Fortunately I have recently discovered Fever Tree soft drinks and the firm part sponsored the Guild of Food Writers Awards Party last month.
6 ounces, Citadelle gin, 200 ml Fever Tree tonic (about 6.
The first heat of the race went to the Paul Cole-trained Lady Of Garmoran, who prevailed in a driving finish under Tadhg O'Shea, beating Fever Tree by a neck and providing the trainer with an acrossthe-card double, as he also took the Listed race at Sandown.
We discussed brands such as Innocent, Belvoir Cordials, Bottlegreen, Johnsons, Firefly, Feel Good Drinks, Pomegreat, Big Tom, Fever Tree and Taut.