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Synonyms for fever

Synonyms for fever

a rise in the temperature of the body

intense nervous anticipation

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Amy rebelled outright, and passionately declared that she had rather have the fever than go to Aunt March.
Vincy thought confusedly was, that the fever might somehow have been hindered if Wrench had shown the proper solicitude about his-- the Mayor's--family.) "I'm the last man to give in to the cry about new doctors, or new parsons either--whether they're Bulstrode's men or not.
I informed him that the treatment was of the kind described as "saline," and that the symptoms, between the attacks of fever, were certainly those of increasing weakness and exhaustion.
"It is an eating fever then," says the landlady; "for he hath devoured two swinging buttered toasts this morning for breakfast."
He did not wish to die; but he felt that he was going, for the fever was mounting higher and higher.
Kennedy was visibly suffering, and the fever was mastering his vigorous constitution.
Your fever has burned out, and you are merely weak.
"I am telling Konstantin Dmitrievitch about Turovtsin in the scarlet fever," she said, bending over to her sister.
He is devoted, in a fat man's placid way, to at least eight designing women; but she nursed him once through a bad bout of Peshawur fever, and when she is in the house, it is more than all hers.
"You told me my aunt's illness was fever," she said--"and now you speak of some complaint in her eyes.
Ill with fever he went to Smolensk with twenty thousand men to defend the town against Napoleon's whole army.
The cut did not seem serious, and healed over the top; but it left a lurking fever. Daily his strength ebbed away from him, until he was in sore distress.
But the lions which Trent might have shot lived in peace, for on the morrow he was restless and ill, and within a week the deadly fever of the place had him in its clutches.
I remembered now that I had been prostrated by a sudden fever, and that my family had told me that in my periods of delirium I had constantly cried out for liberty and air, and had been held in bed to prevent my escape out-of-doors.
One of my Polynesian sailors lay at death's door with blackwater fever. Oh, yes, it was a full man's job, and I dosed and doctored, and pulled teeth, and dragged my patients through mild little things like ptomaine poisoning.