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the social system that developed in Europe in the 8th century

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Furthermore, on a more general level, the study of the Acquaviva can contribute to dispelling the stereotype of southern feudality as being 'essentially uncouth and uneducated' (Sodano, 2012: 9-10).
But intrinsically we are still predominantly a feudal polity, with feudality entrenched unshakably in the polity's socio-economic dispensation and feudalism living in the temperament of the elites from one to all.
The Frankokratia and in general the new historical framework created by the Fourth Crusade as well as the influence of feudality, Catholicism and Western institutions on the Late-Byzantine politeia have not been discussed at all.
The over-riding emphasis of Pakistani elite, feudality, bureaucracy and military, led to the pro-western approach in its foreign policy dealings.
The location, design and structure of the civic centre had symbolic meaning; it lies adjacent to the castle, and architects ensured that the collegiate, democratic, white-toned architecture sharply contrasted with the feudality of the castle.
As no vast private property could be developed on the land, the Ottoman system remained different from the traditional European feudality.
For instance, on 14 August 1792 the National Assembly adopted a decree relating to the destruction of monuments representing feudality.