feudal system

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the social system that developed in Europe in the 8th century

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MELVYN BRAGG'S RADICAL LIVES BBC2 9pm Presenter Bragg (right) argues how John Ball, a 14th-century cleric who was at the heart of the revolt against the feudal system in medieval times which led to his execution.
Typically a feudal system can be defined as a society with inherited social rank.
In short Cyprus is a feudal system under which certain castes enjoy society's privileges and rewards without any of the concomitant responsibilities that the majority of us face on a daily basis.
Problems like water logging and salinity, limited cultivated area, backward and outdated techniques of farming, illiteracy, subsistence farming, feudal system, improper irrigation facilities, problem of credit facility etc have put this sector on back foot.
Taking serious exception to the fact that the party had become subservient to the perpetual dynasty of "one family", he pointed out that like the feudal system when sons of rajas and maharajas became natural rulers, Rahul, too, was born in a noble and good family, and assumed leadership only for this reason.
(2001/15) District 13: Ultimatum 11.10pm, Film4 Three years after the government fenced off a socially-collapsed Parisian slum, the inhabitants have developed their own feudal system of street gangs.
If the corrupt political elite are allowed to continue in their ways, and there is no end to the feudal system as well as the no-holds-barred acceptance of the corrupt, incapable and incompetent leadership and Army interference, then no change can be expected.
In addition to a general introduction, topics include: real property and personal property, conveyancing law and trust law, the feudal system in England and Ireland, the doctrine of estates, the origins of common law, development of equity, home rule, the influence of English land law, the registration systems, and recent developments.
Unique selling point harks back to the feudal system Page 6 Cotswold hideaway has a triple treat Three reception rooms, three bedrooms and three bathroomsPages 7 Former stable yard is now a five bed home Original features combine with a contemporary finish Page 19 The Orangery's name says it all Impressive room has stunning roof lantern and French doors Pages 26-27 Property Expert Pitfalls for parents who help their children onto the property ladder Page 37 Delightful position for large detached Ten bedrooms - all with their own bathroom Page 38 POST PROPERTY editor is Alison Jones Email: alison.jones@trinitymirror.com Tel: 0121 234 5028 Advertising: Jason Larner.
What title was given to the military rulers who controlled the feudal system of Japan?
The people of Wales have consistently rejected the old English feudal system of concentrating wealth and power in the hands of the few to the detriment of the many.
As somber as a funeral procession, "White Deer Plain" is a plodding 175-minute family saga that offers a microcosm of the collapse of the agrarian feudal system in turn-of-the-century China.
In his historical background, Cheet listed ontological roots of the Lebanese sectarian system when he stressed the origins of the Lebanese feudal system up to the epoch of independence.
While pointing out the complexity of the issue under discussion, the consul general said it was linked with the centuries-old practice of lending and borrowing money in the feudal system and sharing crops among the lower social and economic strata of many agricultural communities and kiln workers.
He pointed out that the topic of bonded labour is a complex one that is linked to centuries-old practice of lending and borrowing money, to the feudal system and share-cropping and to the lower social and economic status of many agriculture and kiln workers.