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Synonyms for feud

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Words related to feud

a bitter quarrel between two parties

carry out a feud

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Rumors of a feud between the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge came to light in 2018, after Meghan allegedly made Kate cry ahead of her royal wedding to (https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/royals/inside-the-royal-familys-most-explosive-feuds/news-story/23f375643da8651f38bccd421dba558c) Prince Harry .
The feud between the relatives since 1979 was due to political rivalry and land dispute, said Villanueva.
The young drug dealer is thought to be a driving force in the feud and that hit was in response to an earlier shooting in which a man was injured.
Tragedy struck after Danny Cooper, aged 32, got involved in a feud that had nothing to do with him and plunged a kitchen knife into the chest of Richard Helm, 37.
Princess Diana is no longer around to deal with Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's alleged feud, but the late royal could've been of great help to her daughters in law.
SARGODHA -- A man has shot dead his brother in law over family feud in village 109 at Sargodha.
The Animal dragged Flair from his private dressing room, before turning his attentions to a feud with Triple H.
[USA] Oct 30 (ANI):EeThere seems to be no end to the feud between rappers, Nicki Minaj and CardiEeB.
32 people from Toedpaisa Gewog in Punakha were sentenced to prison term ranging from six months to one year in prison in a water feud case.
WE'VE been spoilt with some fantastic telly over the seasonal period, but none gripped me quite so much as Feud: Bette & Joan on BBC2.
Tekken: Blood Feud (also titled "Tekken Volume 1") is the full-color graphic novel compilation of the four-issue "Tekken: Blood Feud" comic book mini-series.
"Living in Uncertainty: Resurgence of Blood Feud in Albanian Post-Socialist Society and Its Consequences on Children and Young Adults," Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice 9(2): 28-38.
Reasonable people would say that they never want a feud with a coworker to get to the point of a lawsuit, even if it's in small claims court as this one was.
A FEUD between Sunderland gangs that resulted in a daylight shooting has led police to warn that 'officers will not stop pursuing those involved.'.
The production company has received acknowledgement for its diverse programming with a 2016 NAACP Image Award, which acknowledges its very own Steve Harvey in the host category for "Family Feud."