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Synonyms for feud

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a bitter quarrel between two parties

carry out a feud

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During the years of socialist system (1944-1991), the Albanian government suppressed the Kanun and its influence (Arsovska & Verduyn, 2008; Celik & Shkreli, 2010; Korngold, 2016; Tepshi, 2015), while blood feud was almost eradicated due to law enforcement and severe sentences (Arsovska & Verduyn, 2008; De Waal, 2005; Jashari, 2009).
Here are three tactics you can use to stop a coworker who tries to feud with you.
A window was shot at in Edgmond Court in Sunderland's Hollycarrside and 21 people have now been arrested because of the ongoing feud.
A second feud, unconnected to Monday night's attack, centred on another area of the city, Little Hulton, has also broken out, with at least six shootings linked with that.
The Jirga settled a blood feud between the families of Aqal Zarin and Niaz Khan.
Esmael "Toto" Mangudadatu, MTFRU chairman, presided over the event at the provincial satellite capitol building here where task force officials and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) local leaders recounted the evolution of the family feud from the murder in 2012 of a certain Dioly Magalang in the tripartite romance.
In his second book on the topic, Hillay Zmora tackles a new question: What prompted early modern German noblemen to feud, and why did the number of feuds rise in the middle of the fifteenth century and decline thereafter?
Fearing that the incident would turn into a blood feud, Mehmet ypek's wife, Emine, took her seven children with her and moved next to the SE-rer family in Diyarbakyr, they were however unable to escape from tragedy.
The feud has previously led to exchanges of gunfire and claimed about 20 lives from both sides, according to Gregorio, the regional spokesperson for the Armed Forces.
Family feuds and violent revenge attacks are common in southern Egypt, where many families take the law into their own hands, refusing police intervention.
His latest work tells the story of a long-standing feud between two Texas families that began with a torrid sex scandal in the early 20th century, triggering a series of murders and related court cases.
The feud began after Eddie Ryan was shot dead in The Moose Bar in the city in 2000.
While Roberts insisted there was no feud between LA-based Coyle and the rest of the group, she told Hello
A LONG-RUNNING Traveller feud which has cost the taxpayer EUR500,000 in Garda overtime could be settled after a challenge was made to end it through a barbaric bare-knuckle boxing match.
I guess you would have wanted to create the conditions that would have made you the guardian of your clan; as such, the simplest way would have been for your clan to engage in a bitter feud with another.