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Synonyms for fettered

bound by chains fastened around the ankles


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The fettered ankle halted his first step, but he stretched at full length along the table, extending eager fingers toward the prize.
You will not deny, Clara, that any thing which is fettered is not free?
And at any rate, she lost nothing by continuing the engagement, for she has proved that it fettered neither her inclination nor her actions.
Fettered mass, moss, fettered moss: the rocks' hats
Fettered Genius: The African American Bardic Poet from Slavery to Civil Rights.
One quatrain read "Listen all who never felt / For fettered genius heretofore-- / Let hearts of petrifaction melt / And bid the gifted Negro soar.
In her afterword to Fettered for Life, Grace Farrell makes an insistent case for Lillie Devereux Blake's 1874 novel, newly reprinted by The Feminist Press, as "one of the important missing links of women's literary tradition.
He apparently believed that weak individual incentives under socialism would be compensated for by stronger group incentives: "The socialist order presumably will command that moral allegiance which is being increasingly refused to capitalism"; "there might be more self-discipline and more group discipline in socialist society, hence less need for authoritarian discipline than there is in a society of fettered capitalism"; "the vested interest in social unrest may be expected to disappear in part"; and "socialism might be the only means of restoring social discipline" (italics in original).
And shall we crouch above these graves, With craven soul and fettered lip?