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This edition has new monographs on ductography, sinus endoscopy, fetoscopy, hysteroscopy, and sialography; expanded information; some combined or condensed tests; and more on pathophysiology that affects test results, patient safety and education, and integration of related laboratory and diagnostic testing.
As the only physicians in the Intermountain West to perform in-utero surgeries that save both babies with TTTS, the team performs a fetoscopy, a procedure that separates the veins and allows each baby to receive nourishment.
Since I published the book, fetal surgery has advanced considerably, as have procedures such as fetoscopy. One striking development has been the expansion of the number of centers focused on prenatal interventions.
(4,5) It may be iatrogenic in nature when it follows an invasive procedure such as amniocentesis or fetoscopy. It also may occur spontaneously, with causes similar to those of PROM at later gestational ages.
Fetoscopy: New Perspective in Fetal Therapy?, 17 PRENATAL DIAGNOSIS
TO monitor the baby when you have special tests done such as amniocentesis and fetoscopy.
Amniography, fetoscopy and sonography have been employed recently to detect neural tube defects, including such serious structural abnormalities as anencephaly (the absence or near-absence of a cranial vault and cerebral hemispheres of the brain) and myelomeningocele (hernia of the spinal cord and surrounding membranes through a defect in the vertebral canal).
Ezra Davidson tests the new prenatal diagnostic tool known as the fetoscope on low-income black and Hispanic women in South Central Los Angeles just before they have abortions, to see how often fetoscopy itself causes an abortion.
Now the technologies of fetoscopy and ultrasound allow us to go to the other extreme, making it possible to erase the mother entirely, with, Adams maintains, profound implications for the practice and ethics of obstetrics.
On the other hand, they have had experience with more recent medical advances: sonograms and fetoscopy, fetal surgery, and the rescuing of ever-younger preemies.
Quintero and his colleagues performed the procedure, called operative fetoscopy, to tie a knot in the umbilical cord of an 18-week-old fetus that lacked a brain and heart and jeopardized the life of its healthy twin, they write in the Feb.
Fetoscopy, pioneered by John Flobbins, MD, and his colleagues at Yale University, New Haven, Conn., had also advanced and was being used to diagnose sickle cell anemia, Tay-Sachs disease, congenital fetal skin diseases, and other disorders.
" One can get a close detail before the delivery through fetoscopy. Any abnormalities in foetus, placenta cord and umbilical cord can be diagnosed through the machine.