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Synonyms for fetlock

the joint between the cannon bone and the pastern

projection behind and above a horse's hoof

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When a horse is at full stretch, the fetlock can extend to the point where the sesamoid bones make contact with the ground.
On a hind fetlock joint he got an infection in the bone.
He said: "She's a bit tender, she's got a decent sized cut at the back of her right fetlock and it's pretty deep and was enough to pull her up in her run.
In all the cases there was history of flexed fetlock in fore limb since birth.
Feathard Lady is back in light work after recovering from the sprained hind fetlock joint that ruled her out of the Champion Hurdle.
The explanation was that Smarty Jones has ``chronic bruising'' in all four fetlock joints, the equine equivalent of sprained ankles, the result of nine races (eight of them wins) without a significant break.
This stranger is firm of fetlock, luxuriant of auburn hair, like Ian Gillan from Deep Purple, carefree smile, solvent.
The fracture went right up to his fetlock and he had three screws and a pin inserted to help it heal.
But she fitted the band round the fetlock of her leg and the Highland pony was given a new lease of life - even giving birth to four foals since it was fitted 11 years ago.
Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging, the equine MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) pioneer, today announced two improvements to aid diagnosis of hoof, knee and fetlock problems.
He also came back with a bad cut on his fetlock, which couldn't be stitched, so we'll have to leave that open.
And yesterday trainer Charles Byrnes reporting no improvement in the condition of his 10-year-old's injured fetlock, said: "It's a real sickener, but Chel-tenham is out.
Flexor or contracted tendons deformity involving fetlock or pastern joints is the most common congenital deformity of locomotor system and is observed in newborn foals, lambs, calves and pigs (Sangwan et al.
The Montjeu colt suffered a setback last month when an injury to a fetlock took longer than anticipated to heal but he is now back in exercise.
It was first thought the trouble was a sprained fetlock, but after seeing a course vet, Nicholls said that the problem could be an infection in one of his star's feet.