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a collection of writings published in honor of a scholar

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Jackson, one of the co-editors of Advancing Equity and Diversity in Student Affairs, the Festschrift in honor of Terrell that was released late last year.
Festschrifts also usually include a bibliography of the honoree.
Festschrifts generally deserve shortshrift by the book-buying public, the spectacle of the unpublishable contributed by the unscrupulous to be foisted on the unsuspecting being neither edifying nor diverting.
Augustine Akpuda (380) has noted "three main traditions of festschrifts in the Nigerian academy": (1) "the ones exclusively oriented to literary critics"; (2) "those that focus principally on the festschrift personality as a creative writer ", and (3) "those that combine studies on the festschrift personality as literary and creative writer." Let us note immediately that the above categorization, while capturing three important types of the festschrift, is not exhaustive.
Two further volumes of Festschrift bibliographies are now planned, one to focus on Festschrifts compiled for composers and performers, and another for institutions and other "nonpersonal entities".
If one were to itemize the essays in this festschrift, one would end up with a potpourri ranging from a rending of Adorno's meditations on Beethoven's late style to a discussion of how Turkish guest-workers fit into postwar definitions of Germanness, and from an overview of political violence in the "red decades" after 1967 to an analysis of the opposition between universalist and particularist definitions of anti-Semitism.
Justice According to Law; a Festschrift for the Honourable Mr Justice B.
We found, for example, that several faculty members at GSLIS have had Festschrifts to complement their careers.
Review of Still Shines When You Think of It: A Festschrift for Vincent O'Sullivan, edited by Bill Manhire and Peter Whiteford (Wellington: Victoria University Press, 2007).
The editors of the festschrift have assured that each article makes a significant contribution, from Adrian W.
In the Chronicle of Higher Education Peter Monaghan reports that university presses no longer want to publish festschrifts because no one reads them and, worse, no one buys them.
As with all festschrifts, some of these essays will be more durable than others.
It is to be hoped that RILM Abstracts will include this volume with other festschrifts and symposia, thereby bringing the individual chapters to scholars, attention.
It is entirely fitting that Tony Kirk-Greene should join the rather select band of African scholars to whom festschrifts have been dedicated.
Two Festschrifts presenting papers in the area of Syrian archaeology to two prominent archaeologists in that field have recently appeared.