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Synonyms for fester

Synonyms for fester

a sore that has become inflamed and formed pus

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And beneath will be the abyss, wherein will fester and starve and rot, and ever renew itself, the common people, the great bulk of the population.
It would appear that they are a half-brute, half-human species, a race apart, wherein there is no such thing as sex; that they are hatched out by the sun like turtle eggs, or receive life in some similar and sordid fashion; and that all their days they fester in brutality and viciousness, and in the end die as unlovely as they have lived.
The first of Azzam's novels to be published in English, Ascension to Death explores the horrific crevasses in which the worst of human nature festers while simultaneously revealing the love that serves as the ultimate reprieve from darkness.
In addition to three days of apple concoctions from apple vendors, festers can also participate in complimentary family activities.
Kindness A wonderful word is kindness It removes all of our blindness Erases our bad words and hate Mends broken bridges before it's too late Screwed up inside, hurt festers like pus Bound up with pride, built on by us What a difference it makes when we stumble That hand reaching out makes us humble To know that someone cares No more malice now bears Everything within us just knows Outwardly to others it shows Our absence from the grief: oh the fantastic relief Kindness is all that it takes; forgive each others' mistakes It can end all the wars, forgotten the cause Lives lost to purpose unknown Stop now!...