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Synonyms for fester

Synonyms for fester

a sore that has become inflamed and formed pus

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Les, who has spent much of the last three years playing former convict Michael Rodwell in Coronation Street, says the offer of the part of Fester came at just the right moment.
Ron Gordon, kitted out as Uncle Fester from the Addams Family, is urging people to sign up for his annual New Year's Day dip at Redcar 151113RON_03 KATIE LUNN
For the grand old Progressive magazine to allow statements about new versions of Diebold software taking care of the problems without reporting which versions they are speaking of only allows the lies to fester.
Made by Ashley Fester (who's been involved in the festival herself), no-frills docu lacks much outside perspective, while rambling runtime could easily have been whittled down to an hour.
How can we improve our sad world, full of conflicts that fester for generations and new problems that are ever more complex?
When we designed Windows Media 9 Series, our goal was to help power breakthrough experiences for consumers and create new opportunities for the industry," said Dave Fester, general manager of the Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft Corp.
To cure it, don't let the decline in communication fester.
Problems fester indefinitely unless advocates push for attention and solutions.
On that particular morning of horror my own interpretation focused instead on the huge energy channeled into maintaining the separation between the mirror identities of the night and the day--energy that, so long as the twin aspects of the forces of life and death are not brought into productive dialogue, continues to fester and poison the mind and body within which it circulates.
The murders of Biggie and Tupac are both still unsolved, and the many questions that remain unanswered fester like open wounds.
The fact that the Quebec hierarchy has refused to clarify this difference in the past, for example against the theologians, religious educators, and catechetical personnel who in 1993 and again in 1995 publicly rejected the Pope's encyclicals The splendour of truth, the Gospel of life, and Humanae vitae, has allowed this crisis to fester on in this part of the world with special virulence.
Since it is bad law that has made our republic so safe a place for hate to fester in, I suggest that only at law can there be the war they want and a victory that a sane society must win.
The same sense of indeterminate irony extends to the relentlessly deadpan cast, particularly Raul Julia as Gomez, Anjelica Huston as Morticia, and Christopher Lloyd as Fester.
The point was made: high-minded overtures notwithstanding, the wounds wrought by a grisly past still fester.
This is why we also focus on the Kentucky community in which his pathology began to fester," adds Nixon-John.