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offering fun and gaiety

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x25A0; Festal Choral Evensong for All Saints' Day will feature the combined choirs of All Saints Worcester and All Saints Ashmont, at 5 p.
Various sports games will be played in this festal including marathon race, cricket, football, chess, badminton, tennis, archery, darts, tug of war and other games as well as cultures progarmmes will be organize.
To whet the appetite for such choral delights, the cathedral's Saint Michael's Singers will be in action at a Festal Evensong at the cathedral on Sunday (4pm) in celebration of the feast of St Michael and All Angels, the Golden Jubilee of the Saint Michael's Singers and the Friends of Coventry Cathedral Festival.
The same is true of festal icons, such as the Anastasis of the Lord on Easter and the Dormition of the Theotokos on August 15th; an essential part of celebrating the feast is seeing the sacred images.
You are to "assist" as the French say, at the great festal action.
tonight with ancient hymns, candlelight processions, bells and festal celebration.
According to ADA regulations, paratransit services should be provided on a similar time scale as traditional public transportation, which means providing services on all days all day long (certainly, paratransit services are not required from the early morning till late evening, however, people having impaired mobility should be guaranteed to have the possibility of travelling on weekends and festal days).
That Gothic architecture was related to nature was a common nineteenth-century notion, expressed by Ralph Waldo Emerson in a lecture in 1836, when he noted: 'The Gothic church plainly originated in a rude adaptation of forest trees, with their boughs on, to a festal or solemn edifice'.
Ritualized rivalry and scapegoating do not occupy watertight compartments: they can coexist in the same festal environment and the first can even slide into the second, as evidenced by a handful of 'moros y cristianos' celebrations that culminate in the shooting of the 'traitorous Moor'.
On Easter Sunday the church was decorated with flowers for the Festal Easter Communion Service.
Pesikta de-Rab Kahana: Rabbi Kahana's Compilation of Discourses for Sabbaths and Festal Days.
ANDREW CORNALL, artistic director of Chester Summer Music Festival, made an inspired choice by settling on Vaughan Williams's Five Tudor Portraits as a festal finale.
Similarly, perhaps, as tax exemption, known in Greek as ateleia, was not itself of halakhic significance, the corpus refrains from problematizing tax advantages at the atliz, a word that Lieberman believed to have been derived from (panegyris) ateles, (27) and thus itself a metonym for a commercial space of some kind, much as ateleia seems to have been used in Greek to represent an equivalent to the Latin mercatus, and as shorthand for tax-free festal markets.