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(heraldry) an ordinary consisting of a broad horizontal band across a shield


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According to the 1,001 Fesses website, the project began in 2014 as an artistic way of addressing issues that women have about their backsides.
London, Dec 9 (ANI): France's fascination with the bottom has been laid bare, thanks to a new documentary and book that document how "les fesses" have contributed to civilization.
FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND It is refreshing when a rock star 'fesses up.
"It was grilled cheese or cereal," she 'fesses. "I referred to myself as a 'tarian,' not a vegetarian, because I wouldn't eat vegetables!
fesses to have been a Financial Times reader since 1987, rode a pink motorcycle -- in homage to the color of FT's paper stock -- from Grand Central Terminal across town to the new Pearson building on Sixth Avenue.
But Isabella 'fesses, "The first pasta dish I ever made was linguine with broccoli and sausage, and the only one who would eat it was the dog."
Girls together: Gezza 'fesses up to a gay affair and admits she wouldn't mind a bit of Britney.