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(heraldry) an ordinary consisting of a broad horizontal band across a shield


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Compose de plusieurs racines, il prend naissance dans le haut de chaque fesse et descend dans la jambe jusqu'a la hauteur du genou, ou il se divise en deux sections.
According to the 1,001 Fesses website, the project began in 2014 as an artistic way of addressing issues that women have about their backsides.
Romario s'est felicite, vendredi dernier, du [beaucoup moins que] coup de pied aux fesses [beaucoup plus grand que] inflige au [beaucoup moins que] corrompu et maitre-chanteur [beaucoup plus grand que] Jerome Valcke, ecarte jeudi dernier du poste de numero 2 de la Fifa.
He said the JI supports the viewpoint of protesting parents against massive raise in school fesses, besides charging massive amount on various pretexts, ranging from generator fees to annual fees.The JI leader demanded of the government to make sure the recent hike in fesses by private schools should be withdrawn immediately.
THE ARMSTRONG LIE (15) FALLEN cycling star Lance Armstrong fesses up to his crimes in a thorough but somehow unsatisfying documentary.
But in Nicole Holofcener's dramedy, a humiliated Eva (Louis-Dreyfus) 'fesses up with heartbreaking shame.
Chocolate addict mais aussi passionnee de nutrition, le chocolat n'est pas qu'un aliment destine a "1 minute de plaisir pour 10 ans sur les fesses", consomme avec moderation, il peut egalement avoir des effets benefiques sur la sante.
fesses to have been a Financial Times reader since 1987, rode a pink motorcycle -- in homage to the color of FT's paper stock -- from Grand Central Terminal across town to the new Pearson building on Sixth Avenue.
To his credit, Anderson fesses up to at least some of his mistakes.
Disappointed after she doesn't turn up to meet him, he goes to her EMMERDALE ITV house to confront her and, still shaken up, a guilt-stricken Megan 'fesses up.
Here, Greyson, 13 fesses up about everything from his food hang-ups to heartbreak--and lets us in on who gave him the idea to sing "Paparazzi" in the first place.
London, Dec 9 (ANI): France's fascination with the bottom has been laid bare, thanks to a new documentary and book that document how "les fesses" have contributed to civilization.
And yet when she finally fesses up to her complete erotic history, she rattles off an exclusively male list of lovers.