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  • verb

Synonyms for fess up

to recognize, often reluctantly, the reality or truth of

Synonyms for fess up

admit or acknowledge a wrongdoing or error

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Mr Mercer told reporters: "As an ex-soldier I believe that when I have got something wrong you have got to fess up and get on with it.
Today's sinners can fess up anonymously online at DailyConfession.com, but they won't receive absolution or priestly advice.
But when it happens on the job, it's important to immediately 'fess up and accept the blame.
"Certainly, not everyone is going to 'fess up to owing this," says Richard Cram, director of policy and research at the Kansas Department of Revenue.
But that doesn't necessarily foreshadow subjective campaign coverage, or a policy of asking reporters to 'fess up their biases.
Justin needs to fess up and admit his connection to Al Qaeda." Huh?
And all those people clad in million-dollar jewels and almost believable lies--the ones not nearly as courageous and without half of his conviction--were forced to fess up.
The guy once lied about having appendicitis to avoid an exam and when it came time to fess up or stay with the lie he had his healthy appendix taken out.
'It's one of those things you hate to 'fess up to.' The picture, which filled nearly a quarter of the front page, accompanied a story on a movie about Dean.
But it's a testament to the power of party interests that they would fess up to it before Earth Day.
What made them fess up? One reason was Jeffrey Wigand, a scientist and former tobacco executive.