fertility drug

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a drug used to increase a woman's fertility

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"Friends From College" follows the lives of a married couple to be played by Smulders and Key who will go through desperate lengths to get hold of a specific type of fertility drug.
A "GROSSLY dishonest" Coventry nurse who forged a prescription to get fertility drugs, and accused an innocent colleague of blackmail, has been struck off.
FERTILITY drugs do not increase the risk of ovarian cancer, according to a large-scale study.
Before fertility drugs, the odds of having septuplets were 464 billion to one!
Instead, more and more childless women are correcting their condition by taking fertility drugs. And boy oh boy, and maybe a girl or two, are those drugs working!
The six-time time Pro Bowl member explains that he was taking taking the substance as a fertility drug to conceive another child and presently, Mathis' wife is pregnant, reports (http://abcnews.go.com/Sports/nfl-star-wanted-child-faces-drug-suspension/story?'id=23790350) ABC News .
After adjustment for these confounding factors, overall risk of ovarian cancer was not significantly affected by use of any fertility drug nor by any the the five most commonly used combinations.
"This study didn't include a detailed history of fertility drug use, and the number of women who developed uterine womb cancer was very small," she said.
Experts put Anna on fertility drug Clomid - and warned there was a SMALL chance of a multiple birth.
By requiring no fertility drug treatment prior to egg collection, the technique is safer, faster and cheaper than normal In Vitro Fertilisation.
Although fertility drug babies are now the norm, the case of Mandy Allwood who is expecting EIGHT of them raises some disturbing questions.
In a Netmums survey of 800 women, just under 4% said they would definitely buy the fertility drug Clomid on the internet - and a further 12% would consider doing so.
She said: "This didn't include a detailed history of fertility drug use and the number of women who developed uterine cancer was very small."
And in the context of IVM, the patient is spared the 4 weeks of fertility drug injections required for conventional IVF.
On This Day: 1997: The world's only known set of living septuplets were born: 'To us they aren't the septuplets, they are our children,' said Iowa mother, former seamstress Bobbi McCaughey, who had taken a fertility drug known as Pergonal.