fertile period

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the time in the menstrual cycle when fertilization is most likely to be possible (7 days before to 7 days after ovulation)

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These data are important for understanding the final effective fertility (if women are older than 50 years), the current effective fertility (in the case of women who are in the fertile period), as well as the volume of non-participating women in reproduction.
(2003) by periodically providing food at the nests of specific pairs in a reciprocal design, so pairs received food supplements during at least one fertile period though not during at least one other fertile period, which we conservatively estimated as extending from 7 d before the first egg of a clutch was laid until the day before the clutch was completed.
The duration of the fertile period was defined by Lake (1975) as the time lag between AI and the last fertile egg laid.
Portraying the kings who ruled Norway from 1030 to 1157, the saga emerged during a particularly fertile period for the composition of Icelandic kings' saga, about 1220, he says, and marks a key movement in the genre's development by being the first to deal with many kings in such detail.
This marvelous study of the formation of English eloquence in the sixteenth century shows just how misleading this familiar phrase can be: much of the vernacular literature produced in this fertile period of poetic innovation was not noticeably eloquent, nor was it precisely English.
This exhibition looks at the spectacular objects produced by Chinese artists between 1400 and 1450, a fertile period that saw the Ming dynasty transform China into a global superpower.
One of the pivotal figures of independent filmmaking during the fertile period of the 1990s and 2000s, Ted Hope has produced films by auteurs including Ang Lee, Nicole Holofcener, Todd Solondz, Todd Haynes, Bart Freundlich, Todd Fields and Michel Gondry.
The percentage of women age 15-49 who can correctly identify the fertile period has not changed over the past 15 years.
"Women are able to get pregnant in the pre-ovulatory phase, widening their fertile period," explains Professor Chris Barratt, head of reproductive medicine at Dundee University.
"Women are able to get pregnant in the pre-ovulatory phase, widening their fertile period," said Professor Chris Barratt, head of reproductive medicine at Dundee University.
England of the inter-war years has become the most interesting and fertile period for the domestic and commercial responses to the motor car, and this study reflects the view that the most highly valued buildings are those from the early years.
While we did not observe this female attempt to copulate with either male and paternity of the brood is unknown, we hypothesize that this case of cooperative breeding resulted from an extrapair-copulation between the female and male 2 during her fertile period. Female golden-cheeked warblers solicit extrapair-copulations from males that are not their social mate (R.
It is Partridge's elucidation of dub's "outernational" impact and its socio-political, cultural, and religious significance for 1970s Britain, which he views as "a particularly fertile period for the genre and the principal country within which it was initially developed outside of Jamaica" (p.
Frank sexuality and mortality were among the many veins of rich material artists tapped to challenge social conventions during that most fertile period of transgression.